Tolerance between different people

May 14, 2009
by: 10kaurg

 This picture reveals the tolerance that they are experiencing around each other.


Hi, my name is Michael and I

Submitted by michael_jack on Tue, 2009-06-02 00:05.

Hi, my name is Michael and I would like to introduce my self. First I am Yu'pik Eskimo and have a wonderful friends that I have met throughout the world here in Alaska. There are many cultures that I have met that put my culture into a time where they think that I am from the past. We Alaska Natives have most of the things to get by. Sometimes we go to regional centers where we have to get medical treatment and go shopping. I would like to hear from anyone with questions. Catch you later! A friend, Michael

I think that this picture

Submitted by 11pinedar on Mon, 2009-06-08 13:45.

I think that this picture can be connected to racism and other forms of discrimination. In todays society as well as in the past discrimination and racism are big issues. they never seem to be resolved and i think that this image shows that we can get through these issues and that we can work through our problems and get along with eachother.