Tolerance is Key

Jun 12, 2009
by: 14mehtan

Recently I had to be tolerant of something that really bothered me.  In my karate school my teacher kept sticking me out like a sore thumb and always picked on me because I am new to the adult classes and am the smallest one there.  Even though I have tried talking to the other teachers about it, it didn't work.  This really bothered me because the only reason the teacher does this is because I am new and sort of confused.  So i just dealt with it and had to be really tolerant of this problem.  After a while it wokred because the teacher doesn't make fun of me because I just dealt with it. 



This is an excellent example

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Submitted by mbrownstone on Sun, 2009-06-14 10:12.

This is an excellent example of tolerance. It's learning ways to deal with what is not familiar and common to us.
Madeline Brownstone
BSGE Teacher