Too Much Internet?

Feb 1, 2012
by: koko11

I read an article called "Are you Addicted to the Internet?". The article essentially summarized a study that recently happened. It was about a group of teenagers who were surveyed about their habits and moods when they were online as compared to their habits and moods when they were offline. It showed that a small percent (8.4%) of teenagers who were surveyed developed some degree of addiction to the internet. It seems logical to assume that as more and more people use the internet with more frequency, there will be a higher rate of addiction to the internet. Personally, I think that's disgusting - that people are happier when they've effectively isolated themselves than they are when they're actually interacting with other humans. I enjoy myself more when I'm away from the Internet than when I'm constantly online. I just hope that people can recognize a mild addiction before it becomes "severe" and that Amercia (and other countries) doesn't turn into a society of computer-dependent people. (


Internet addiction

Submitted by Chad Sansing on Wed, 2012-02-01 22:17.

Koko, I agree that feeling like you are a part of a community, generally, for most folks, is better than feeling isolated.


Do you ever think it's appropriate or necessary to isolate one's self? I'm also curious about the study - did the kids involved use the Internet mostly to do things on their own, or mostly to connect? Is spending a lot of time online okay if one is connected to others?