Top 3 Stories of 21st Century

Apr 24, 2013

There are always events that are more talked about and worried over than any other story. The top 3 in the last 13 years, in my opinion, were the terrorist attacks in 2001, the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2005, and the Gulf Oil Spill in 2010.

On September 11th, the fate of the entire country was possibly changed forever. Before the attacks, going to the airport was a breeze, the economy was doing well, and Americans were enjoying a prosperous time. After, no one wanted to travel (not to mention airport security was radically amped up), the U.S. took an economic downturn, and we lived in fear. Many of those fears still exist today, especially with the recent Boston bombings. 9/11 also caused a war which has further hindered the economy instead of strengthening it.

The tsunami in the Indian Ocean could have been a lot less tragic if there was a warning system in place. No one was informed of the massive earthquake that caused the tsunami that took at least 184,000 lives along the Eastern coasts of Asia. While the event was devastating, the world rallied and came together to support the effected countries. Now anytime there is an earthquake in the ocean, it is thoroughly studied to make sure it won't cause a tsunami like the one in 2005, or at least so we can be fully prepared.

It seems as if people in the South, Louisiana especially, can't catch a break. On top of Hurricane Katrina which demolished New Orleans, the Gulf Oil Spill greatly impacted the economy, jobs, and lives of everyone who lived there. So many animals were poisoned by the spilled oil that there was concern it would pollute the whole American ecosystem. It also caused a renewed surge in environmental awareness and what we are doing to the earth that cou.ld potentially be irreversible.

I think the biggest impact of these three events and the others like them is they show that we, as humans, are constantly learning from our mistakes and trying to better ourselves. To me this is extremely encouraging and gives me hope that no matter what happens, we can and will learn from it and strive to make it better.


Lauren this was a great post!

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Lauren this was a great post! I agree with a lot of your views on the important events that have helped shape the world! Great job!