Topic Question Essay

Nov 12, 2009
by: HKohn
What I'm good at

  My question is what are some new programs and examples of programs used for graphic design and animation?
  For a few weeks now I have been researching animation programs. I also linked it to Japan because Studio Ghibli (an animation studio) uses some of the same programs I hope to use. These programs where used to create some of  the most amazing movies such as "My Neighbor Totoro", "Ponyo" and many others.
  Ever since I was a little kid I was interested in animation. I always wondered how animated movies were made. It all started when I saw the movie "My Neighbor Totoro". I was amazed by the interesting animations and how well they were drawn. It looked amazing and I was hooked.
   After that I started to draw in the style they drew. This style is called amine. It comes from Japan and I found it to be very unique. The eyes showed so much expression. They clearly showed emotion such as sadness  and anger. I knew from then on I wanted to be able to draw like that and then animate what I had drawn.
   Now that I am older I have more knowledge in the field of animation and graphic design. I recently looked up a program called iClone4. "

New features include:

•    Real-time Video textures & 3D/Video compositing
•    Drag-&-Drop editing for rapid scene creation
•    Edit and animate any non-human character type, including animals, creatures, cartoon figures
•    Real-time Facial Animation for puppeteering
•    Motion Paths for props, cameras, particle FX & actors
•    HDR & Image-based lighting atmosphere FX
•    Enhanced spring dynamics, water and particle effects".

When I saw these features I was so amazed and excited. I knew that if I got this program I could created the animations Ive always wanted to.


   It really is amazing how far technology has come. I remember when computers where first becoming somewhat flat screen. When they were still running on Windows 95. Also when they barely had any software for this type of animation. Now look what you can do on your computer. Its really amazing.