Mar 27, 2011

A tornado is defined as a violently rotating column of air extending from a thunderstorm to the ground. Tornadoes occur mostly in the mountain areas of the United States. So it is odd for tornado is hit in the south of Louisiana where hurricanes mostly occur. Sometime in the afternoon of Saturday March 5, 2011 a tornado touched down on the north side of Rayne, Louisiana. Damaging more than 100 homes, injurying eleven, and killing one. Authorities say the tornado sprung from a vast storm system kicking up abundant moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. I was shocked when I heard about the tornado that hit, even though I was at work in lafayette. Thankfully my home and all my friends and family were safe and unharmed. This tornado had a really big affect on me and my small hometown because our high school was damaged badily, and it killed one of our local resident. Living in south Louisiana it is expected that you will experience hurricanes and bad thunderstorms, but these are natural disasters that you can be warned for and have time to prepare or evacuation. Tornados are completely unexpected with only a few warning signs, but definitely not a storm you can prepare for. Leaving in this area of Louisiana you have to know about current natural diasters that may occur and know how to prepare for them. But also, you must know about the unexpected one that can occur.