Tough Times for Fremont High

Jan 27, 2016

If a person were to walk through the halls of Fremont High this is what they would see -- people talking about school work and if they had any homework for a class they were absent for. You might sometimes see a fight happening during lunch, maybe once or twice a month. They are usually serious and makes students feel unsafe. You might also see a security guard beating up a kid just because he was refusing to go inside the office. I'm not going to say who that specific kid was, but it was a good thing they didn't shoot him. This is the link to the story about the student who was getting mistreated by the Fremont High School Security Officer and the Vice Principal.

Go to this link if you want to watch the story:

Even though there is not enough effort by the school security and administration to provide a safe environment, some teachers are good teachers because they know how to teach their classes.

They know how to get the kids to learn.

This is why people need to pay attention more to Fremont High School because it is currently tough for the students.


I think school fight is

Submitted by Jing on Thu, 2016-02-04 17:35.

I think school fight is always a bad thing for students. School is a study place for students. People should not fight in school.