Jan 21, 2013
by: jeforni

Have you ever been to a waterski tournament? Most people haven't. But it is the best experience in the world. Even if you don't ski, a ski tournament is still the most fun you will have. Imagine it, hanging out with your friends from 7:30 in the morning to about 11 at night and then some the next day. The tournaments take place at any private ski lake. Every once in a while Nationals will be at a public lake but the lake is always closed to the public at the time.

At a tournament the kids get full freedom. We have access to a multitude of Polaris'. We can go almost anywhere, we can go to somebody's dock or down to the rivers' rope swings. Six of us hang out almost the whole time, ranging from picking a skier up when they fall or doing flips on the trampoline. We always end up having a great time and arriving at the party an hour late.

There are some down sides to a tournament, but none that I care about anymore. First thing is the sun. Bring sunscreen or you will go home with half sunburned back. I would know. Another could be spending all day skiing. That doesn't happen to most people after the first tournament they have been to.

More good things though, a tournament is basically skiing only 6 short rounds, eating free food, and snacking all day. Tournaments will really grow on anyone who attends. Even if you aren't a skier or a really bad skier participating in novice a tournament with people you know will be one of the best experiences you will have. They are so much fun and you wouldn't want to miss that.


I really liked

Submitted by Wagnermcclendon on Tue, 2013-01-22 14:54.

I really liked the way you structured you're article, "Tourney". You had a great opening paragraph and backed up all you're evidence. I especially liked the way you opened with a question." Have you ever been to a waterski tournament?"