Track&field :)

May 5, 2010
by: mkoc8672


Track & Field :)

Track and field is something that I have always loved to do ever sense I was a little kid. I first started when I was in 3rd grade I was 7. Track takes a lot of dedication and heart. When I was little I dreamed about being in the Olympics when I was older. My father used to video tape me when I ran to see what I could do better and to see how I could better myself. When I went into 9th grade I was on the Ramona High-school Varsity team at the age of 14.
Experts say that a runner needs to have a 60-65% intake of carbs. This is because carb’s give athletes both quick and long-lasting energy; our bodies work better with carbs than they do with proteins or fats.Although carbs give energy it’s also important for a runner to have 15-20% daily intake of protein.
This is important because runners need good nutrition so they can train and perform at the best of there ability. I find this important because I like to improve on my skills and get better. Also because one day I hope to be in the Olympics for the USA. J



Track is a great sport that

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Track is a great sport that every body in cluding me enojoys.I like that track keeps you in shape and healthy.


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I am hype about, "Track & Field :) ," because I’m from Jamaica, and Jamaicans like to run track and it’s a big thing for us Jamaicans. I’m also hype because I think track is a great sport for people to do and it help with your health.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: "Experts say that a runner needs to have a 60-65% intake of carbs." I think this is crazy in a good way because I did not know that a person that runs track need to have 60-65% of crabs, but then again I don’t really understand what you mean by crabs. This is also so crazy because that mean all the track stars out there need a lot of energy to run a meat doesn't matter how long they have to run!

Another sentence that I liked was: "Track takes a lot of dedication and heart." This stood out for me because if you don’t put your heart into what you are doing then you won’t make it far in life. This statement is also true because if you love a sport then you have to put your all into it, even if you fall!

Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time im 6th grade when I first started to run track for real my team was the best in the Bronx and I was happy that I was on one of the best team in the Bronx. With that when we got to the big track meet where we have to go against Brooklyn and other teams you could say that my team have met other girls that faster than us, but then again we came second place overall.

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I like the fact that track is your sports and that you have fun doing this sport.