Trapped By: Marc Aronson

Feb 11, 2015
by: TeshO

This time, I am reading a book by Marc Aronson called "Trapped." It is about 30 miners who got trapped 3000 feet under the ground in a Chile mine because it collapsed over them. They had to stay under there for many days with no food, water, or anything for that matter. The cover reveals that they got rescued but I am reading to find out the "How?" So far it's been a great book. I recommend it to people who like some sort of mystery type books because the whole story is a mystery of how they will survive and how they will get rescued.


These kinds of things horrify

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Submitted by landayc18 on Thu, 2015-02-12 01:30.

These kinds of things horrify the hell out of me. I remember this news piece back about these Chinese coal miners who ended up drinking their piss and eating coal, thinking they were going to die. I'm going to try very hard to make sure that situation never rears it's ugly head around me.

Imagine being stuck in the dark in a coal mine. You're dirty and you have only coal to keep you company. It's freaky, spooky even. But it doesn't top the fear of being alone in that mine.

Enjoy your nightmare fuel.