Traveling Around the World

Sep 1, 2011

Although traveling to different countries sounds exciting and adventurous, it can be a pretty difficult task.  It took Kashi Samaddar a little over six years to visit 194 sovereign states and 218 countries.  According to the World Records Company, Samaddar holds the record for having visited the most countries in the world.  He is the first person in the world to hold this record, and is proud to claim the title.  However, traveling to all the different countries couldn’t have been easy.  He had some tough times along the way and actually started the journey because he wanted to prove that an Indian can be just as well-traveled as anyone else.  
In 2003, Samaddar was unable to get a visa from an African country because of his nationality.  After this happened, he became very passionate about traveling and trying to get in to every country he possibly could.  He wanted to prove that anyone can travel anywhere they would like, no matter what their ethnicity is.   Samaddar may have proved his point, but it wasn’t easy.  Along the way, he faced may difficulties that he says many travelers today struggle with.  According to Samaddar, It takes a lot of time and effort to obtain visas for the smaller countries.  Luckily, he was patient and eventually received all the necessary paperwork. But he doesn’t want other travelers to struggle as much as he had to.  He has set up a website called Travel, Tourism, and Peace Global.  This websites informs people of all the necessary steps they need to take in order to get in to certain countries.  He wants tourists to be prepared so they can enjoy the scenery and not be worried about visas and paperwork.  Samaddar proved to the world that with some hard work and a little perseverance, anyone can travel.

I found this information by using google.  I used keywords to figure out if anyone had traveled to all the countries in the world.  There were many blogs and posts discussing Samaddar.  However, I wanted to find a more reliable website that could confirm my findings, especially since the information was very vague.  After looking up his name, and going through a few websites, I came across the the World Records Company.  There was an article written about Samaddar and his newly set record.  I obtained all the information for this piece from that website.


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Submitted by Gabby Ghabash on Fri, 2011-09-02 15:58.

I'm love traveling and think the way you handled such a broad topic in such an interesting and specific way is genius. Great job!