Trayvon Martin, Unarmed and Innocent

Apr 4, 2012
by: asheikap

I feel for Anthony Turner’s pain when he shows his emotions in the article he wrote called, "Trayvon Martin Unarmed and Innocent," He knows how it feels to be bullied or pushed around by people, but that still doesn’t give a reason for someone to hurt or murder anyone because they look like they're up to no good.

I’m learning more about the Trayvon Martin case now, and what I'm wondering is what really happen to Trayvon Martin. Did he really try to hurt George Zimmerman or did Zimmerman just tell the police a lie to cover himself so he wouldn’t get in trouble? I was researching this question and it caught my attention because nobody knows what really happened to this boy and why Zimmerman shot him. I chose this item to read because it came from a student and he explains in the article how it relates to him. It also sparked my interest because there were a lot of facts which bring up a lot of questions .

In this article, Turner says the even if you are feeling threatened it seems ridiculous to follow the person who is scaring you, which is what Zimmerman did. However, Turner writes: "I felt legitimately threatened before and I didn't stand my ground. For example one time I was walking around Atlantic Mall, a popular mall in Brooklyn. A group of kids tried to rob me and my friend. My friend ran, but I went to a nearby store. To my surprise the guys followed me. I asked the store manager for help and he was able to get a cab for me to avoid the guys."

Turner is basically saying that he felt betrayed and never thought his own kind would do this to him. Also this can happen to anybody, and it’s a shame because we all would like to live in a peaceful world.

Another sentence Turner wrote that stands out for me is: "But I never thought: 'You know what would make New York a safer, more fair place to live? A law that would allow me to carry around a gun and shoot anyone who makes me feel intimidated.'" Here he's saying that it would be crazy for people to have more guns in New York. In the world today it sometimes seems like it safer to have a gun. But there are a lot of consequences.

I agree with Anthony Turner he took the time out to discuss the issue and he also compares what happened to Trayvon to himself. I look forward to reading more of his articles because he proves his point of view and he made comments and pointed out important facts.

Note: This was also posted on the New York Times Learning Blog:


Good Job

Submitted by sarahannen on Sun, 2012-04-08 01:46.

You story on the Trayvon Case is very disturbing in the sense that these things are still happening in our world. It is very hard to watch the news and see stories on young kids who are either innocent or forced into certain situations.

No matter what happened in the case, it is unfortunate as to what happened to Trayvon. Your story on people following your is very scary. The thought that things like this happen to people everywhere makes the world feel unsafe.

I understand both cases of the article because part is for protecting oneself but it is scary to think that anyone can own a gun. It is unfortunate that we cannot live in a perfect society. Things would be so much easier.

You did a very nice job of researching your topic and I feel that you really understand what you are talking about, as well as explaining your personal point of view.