A Trip to the Grand Teton

Feb 12, 2012
by: ostart

This week I ventured into a different kind of school. After a long bus ride along with twenty-five other students, I arrived along the Teton Mountains in Kelly, Wyoming. Teton Science School gave us the oppertunity to cross country ski and snow shoe, with the view of the Tetons in the background, while learning about outside topics. We studied trees, snow, fires, ice crystals, skat, Yellowstone, just a few to say the least. When we first arrived we were sripped of technology, we had to turn in our iPods and cell phones for the week. Being unplugged in a sense made all the activities we did much more exciting because we didn't have the distractions of constant communication or entertainment. Learning to cross country ski meant falling more than a couple times and snowshoing was at times difficult because you would sink to snow past your knees. Overall the trip with the breathtaking senery and a night sky filled with millions of stars made for an experience that has taught me so much more than expected.