The Trouble with Color

Sep 15, 2010

Have you ever wondered if your mind works differently from the minds of those around you?  I do.  More specifically, however, I wonder if the way I view color coincides with the people I know.  When I see orange, does it look like your orange?  Or is my orange your brown?  We know that color is internally consistent (that is, every time I see something orange, I see orange, rather than blue), but is it consistent between people?  The fact of the matter is, color occurs in the human body. 

 "the human retina also contains another kind of photoreceptor cell: the cones, which operate in bright light and are responsible for high acuity vision, as well as color." - Geoffrey Montgomery, Breaking the Code of Colors: How Do We See Colors?

 The 'cone cells' in the retina (one of two kind of photoreceptor cells) interpret light signals in objects, and there color is produced.  That being said, color doesn't really exist outside of the human mind.  Color is just a collection of light signals, until your rods and cones get ahold of it.

My question, it seems, falls into the grey area.  Or is it the blue area?