A True Story

Mar 18, 2015
by: 20choir

This project is basically about a couple who just got married, and they are on their honeymoon in Hawaii. The couples' names are Mary and Jae, and soon find themselves in a beautiful beach. What happens next is that Jae leaves Mary so that he can enjoy his time. As Mary plays in the water for a while, she finds herself 30 minutes later, in a crazy scene of waves crashing. She is not prepared for her death after marriage. Luckily and coincidentally, three surfers, Jake, Andrew, and Jonathan, hear Mary calling for help. THey quickly rush over and find her close to death. As all 4 people are back at shore, Ruth (the guidance person) and Jae are called for an emergency. Hearing that Mary almost died, everyone freaks out. The six people end up having a little discussion about paying back to the surfers and soon sending them off after thanking them. At the end, all is good and forgiveness is exchanged between the three, but especially Mary and Jae.

(change scene to hotel room)
Setting: Mary and Jae have just arrived at their hotel in Hawaii for their honeymoon, and eagerly want to go to the beach.
(Jae is on the phone with the front desk clerk, waiting outside room)
Ellie: Hi, my name is Ellie. How may I help you?
Jae: We need the keys for the room...
Ellie: Oh I’m so sorry. Someone will send you the keys right away.
Jae: Thanks.
(phone call ends)
(Tom enters stage left)
Tom: Here are your keys!
Mary: Thanks!
(Tom exits stage left)
(change scene into hotel room. After Mary says okay (last sentence), change scene to beach)
(Jae and Mary go into room) After a while...
Jae: Honey, do you want to go to the beach?
Mary: Oh yes definitely! (excitedly)
Jae: Let’s change and go!
Mary: Okay.

(Mary and Jae both enter stage right)
Mary: This is such a beautiful beach!!!
Jae: But you're more beautiful...
(both smile at each other)
(Ruth walks in stage left)
Ruth: Hello! I am Ruth nice to meet you! I will be setting up your seats and places you want to go to on the beach. You can come to me whenever you want. And may I ask you, what brings two wonderful people here?
Jae: My wife and I here are on a honeymoon…
Ruth: Oh congratulations!
Mary: Thank you!
Jae: Um I don’t think we need seats…
Ruth: Oh okay no problem!
(Ruth exits stage left)
Mary: So you want to hang out together or not?
Jae: I want to try out the warm river to the corner over there.
Mary: Okay I’ll just stay here playing with water.
Jae: Be safe, okay?
Mary: Okay you too. I love you…
Jae: I love you too.
(Jae moves and leaves stage left)

Mary: Ahhhh...such a pretty island. I think I’ll try the calm water over there.
(change scene to calm water)
Mary: Ooh just the perfect temperature!
(after playing with water for about 30 minutes and wandering off to a body of water that seems shallow enough)
Mary: Why does the sand seem so light under me all of a sudden?!
Just then…
(change scene to water turning into strong waves)
Mary: OH MY GOSH! HELP!!! The sand under me is slipping out! HELP HELP!!! Please help! I don’t want to end my life on my honeymoon! Please help! Anyone? PLEASE?!
(Mary waves her hands frantically over her head, trying to prepare herself for what may happen if nobody saved her)
Meanwhile in the distance…
Jake: Yo, do you hear that?!
Andrew: Yeah I think someone’s calling for help...
Jonathan: Let’s go check!
Andrew: Okay…
Jake: Wow. When did these waves get so rough?
Jonathan: I don’t know, we should probably find the person before he/she accidentally falls into nature’s traps.
Andrew: Haha good one.
(Andrew, Jonathan, and Jake enter stage center distant)
Andrew: Yo guys hurry up I think she’s drowning or something.
(all three surfers quickly rush to Mary, who was now close to death)

*Developer's Log
~Wednesday 3/11/15: Step 1 for Act 1 almost done. I was kind of disappointed because I expected to do at least 1-4 steps, but I didn't even finish the first step. I has some problems with getting the background to move in the paper size rectangle, and adjusting the text so that it was centered on the page. After I put the title, there was a empty space, I made several attempts to filling in the blank space, but I failed (I think).
~Friday 3/13/15: Act 1 Done. I was kind of surprised at how much I got done today. I remember the last Developer’s Log was disappointing because I didn't get much done. I decided to get rid of the title [page and move on because it took too much time to fix and perfect.
~Monday 3/16/15: Project is finished! It took me about 4 hours and 30 minutes!!! I am actually very surprised because I thought I would spend way much more time on the animation. I decided to cut out the last bit of events because I figured my story would be too long, and that it would be more interesting with suspense of what was going to happen next.