Two major events of the 1989s

Jun 23, 2009
by: XLiu
This is also another essay I wrote for the practice before the Global History Regent. This essay deals with the two events that happens in the 1989s.
1989 was a year that moved almost too fast for us to catch up. From the media, the information and events going on all around the world can be witnessed. Due to many governments opening the tight hold of the media, the world did not miss out and was able to witness the change in the countries of Germany and China.
Being the most powerful of the Axis Powers, Germany was guarded by the eye of the former Allied Powers when WWII came to an end. Great Britain, France, and U.S. largely influenced West Germany so that it develop a democratic government. As for East Germany, they were influence by the U.S.S.R. and communism became their type of government. West Germany recovered from the war faster than East Germany, therefore a lot of people moved to the west. To stop the people from moving to the west, the East Germany government built a wall called the Berlin Wall. A decade later, the wall was opened by the East German government in the hope of regaining the people's faith in East Germany. However, it did not go as they wish.
In the same year in April, a group of college students gathered at Tianamen Square to mourn for the death of Hu Yao Bang, a government official that worked hard to open China to democracy. He died without getting his wish. The memorial lasted longer than it was first expected, and it turn into a demonstration for democracy. More and more people joined and the protest became out of control. In reaction to that the government sent troops, including tanks to get rid of people. Many were involved, thousands were killed, and the Square was clear by June 5th.
For years, East and West Germany had little interaction. It was until the Berlin Wall came down that they were to have more interaction. From that point on, there was no physical division between the east and the west. What is left is an unseen wall that block the connection between the two parts. As for China it was considered a turning point because the action the government took shows clearly that communism is the only form of government in PRC.
The fall of the Berlin Wall symbolizes the break down of the division of east and west Germany. More interactions with the government gave more chance of unification. This event would only lead to a positive ending no matter how long the path would be (" the end justifies the mean"), it is always wroth it, and the proof is the reunited nation of Germany.
The decision made by the Chinese government shocked a lot of people including the western nations. This incident did not leave a good impression in the eyes of the western nations. The result was not a positive one, for the relationship worse between China and the western nations. It also shut down the democratic protests in the PRC.