U of U professor seen looking at CHILD PORNOGRAPHY

Nov 29, 2011
by: oelsner20

A few days ago, a professor at the University of Utah was on a plane home minding his own business, or so his fellow passengers thought. A passenger sitting across the aisle from him noticed he was looking at something obscene on his computer, and after looking a bit more closely, realized it was child pornography. A U of U professor was looking at child pornography on a plane... shocking I know. The person who witnessed this happen told the stewardess who told the pilot, who then had this man arrested as everyone exited the plane. Most people in the US view Utah as an extremely conservative, 'Mormon' state where nothing of obscenity or illicitness occurs. Then, we have this respected professor at the University of Utah caught watching child porn on his computer, on a public plane nevertheless! No one should be looking at child pornography regardless, but if you must, at least do it in the privacy of your own home where no one can see you. This man may claim he was looking at "completely legitimate porn", but either way, do you not have the common sense to NOT look at porn on a plane? Statistics show America's education is ranked somewhere in the lower teens in the world, but I'm willing to bet our common sense ranking is much higher ranking than that.