UES Street Sign

Feb 12, 2009

Our class project was to take a picture of something near our school, Eleanor Roosevelt. Having this in mind, and the voicethread that we watched previously I searched for something that represented our area and stuck to the different rules that we had learned. This picture is of the street signs on the intersection of 76th Street and York Ave. This obviously represents our area but it also shows the city in the background and the sky. Also, you can see the top of the walk signs, which you could see on every corner in the city. Some of the elements that you can see in this are diagonals which are let off by the intersecting street signs. Also you can see the contrast in color because the green and orange are much more vivid then the light blue of the sky.


I like this picture because

Submitted by 11davise on Mon, 2009-03-09 14:00.

I like this picture because it's something that we don't really pay attention to. Also the colors came out really bright and vivid and I feel like most of the time things like that just look dirty. I think this picture captures the little things that make it New York.