Ultimate Frisbee around the world

Sep 7, 2010
by: tylerp
Career goals

How many countries have Ultimate Frisbee Teams?

"Open Division

  1. Revolver (USA)
  2. Sockeye (USA)
  3. Buzz Bullets (Japan)
  4. Chain Lightning (USA)
  5. Ironside (USA)
  6. Colony (Australia)
  7. Invictus (Canada)
  8. Viksjöfors IF Ultimate (Sweden)
  9. Doublewide (USA)
  10. Clapham Ultimate (UK)
  11. Karhukopla (Finland)
  12. Ragnarok (Denmark)
  13. Chevron Action Flash (UK)
  14. Flying Angels Bern (Switzerland)
  15. Mephisto (Canada)
  16. Magon (New Zealand)
  17. Skogs Ultimate (Sweden)
  18. Euforia (Colombia)
  19. Phoenix (Canada)
  20. Heads of State (Australia)
  21. M.U.C. (Germany)
  22. Feldrenner Mainz (Germany)
  23. Freespeed (Switzerland)
  24. Nomadic Tribe (Japan)
  25. Bischi (Italy)
  26. Silence (Czech Republic)
  27. Fire of London (UK)
  28. Ultimate Vibration (France)
  29. LOQUITOS (Japan)
  30. Mor ho! (Slovakia)
  31. Jack'Suns (France)
  32. Absolut (Colombia)
  33. Cotarica Grandes (Italy)
  34. Stoly Ultimate (Russia)
  35. theBigEz - Vienna (Austria)
  36. CUUP (China)
  37. CamboCakes (The Netherlands)
  38. Dublin Ultimate (Ireland)
  39. UFO (Finland)
  40. Mooncatchers (Belgium)
  41. EMO (UK)
  42. DominO (Dominican Republic)
  43. Mubidisk (Spain)
  44. Fénix U.N.A.M. (Mexico)
  45. LOL (Hungary)
  46. Redbacks (Australia)
  47. Gigolo (Ukraine)
  48. Ultimate Decision (Latvia)

Spirit of the Game: Sockeye (USA)

Women division

  1. Fury (USA)
  2. UNO (Japan)
  3. Riot (USA)

Spirit of the Game: Woodchicas (Germany)

Mixed division

  1. The Chad Larson Experience (USA)
  2. ONYX (Canada)
  3. Mental Toss Flycoons (USA)

Spirit of the Game: Frizzly Bears (Germany)

Masters division

  1. Troubled Past (USA)
  2. Surly (USA)
  3. Eastern Greys (Australia)

Spirit of the Game: Big Bombers (Japan)"




This the results of the world competition of Ultimate Frisbee. It shows teams from all over the world. This however was the only list of world teams i was able to find at this time, which means that there are probably more teams out there from other countries.

To find this I typed in "world games ultimate Frisbee" and this is what came up as the third or fourth link.


"Ultimate is played by thousands in over 50 countries and is expanding at a phenomenal rate. Regular competition takes place at a local, national and international level. "

1.   USA
2.   Japan
3.   Australia
4.   Canada
5.   Great Britain
6.   Chinese Taipei



I used the related searches option which took me to the what is ultimate site which had a link to the standings i gave which is the results from the world games held in China in 2009.