Ultraviolet By: R.J. Anderson

May 10, 2013
by: 17zhul

"Don't think of me as an alien, " said Faraday. -Page 227.

I thought this quote was interesting and memorable since I never would've thought that he was an alien. I didn't really like the part when Faraday (he doctor) said that was from the other side of the universe. Everything in the book that was leading up to the part of confessing he was an alien, I thought everything was pretty realistic since the disease that she has is real. I thought the book could've been realistic fiction, or based on a true story. But since he said he was an alien, not saying that they aren't real... but that just made the book a whole lot LESS interesting since it's no longer fiction. I'm still going to continue reading since it's sci-fi and I want to find out if she falls in love with Faraday...