Ultraviolet By: R.J. Anderson

May 11, 2013
by: 17zhul

This book was a total of 303 pages. It's about a sixteen year old girl called Alison, and she wakes up in a mental institution. As she slowly piece her memory back, she realizes that she already confessed to killing Tori Beaugrand, the most perfect girl in school. But here's the twist: Alison thinks that she disintegrated Tori, the case is a mystery. One moment, the two were arguing, and then the next minute Tori poof-ed into nothing... No one can just make someone disappear right? Unless Alison is going crazy like her mother always feared. For years, she kept this "hidden power" a secret since no one would understand that she can taste colors, and see objects from just noise until a mysterious new doctor comes to the hospital and takes a sudden interest in her. Then, she discovers that the world was wrong about her, she's not a murderer and her ability is extraordinary.

An idea that was presented in the second half of the book was fake things. I really disliked how the author changed from having a realistic-fiction plot to having a completely FAKE ending. And another reason why I didn't really look forward to finishing the book is because it was really predictable on whether or not Tori was an alien (she is). In some books, twists in the plot are great, but I feel like it doesn't flow well in this book. I couldn't put the book down while I was reading the first 200 pages. But then it all changed when the author decided to say that Faraday (the doctor that took sudden interest in Alison's case) was an alien.

I thought the book was okay, the beginning and middle parts were amazing, while the ending (last one hundred pages) were terrible. I love sci-fi books and all but I don't like it when the author goes to a point of absolutely fake things. Maybe there are aliens but in the near future, I wouldn't expect multiple aliens living on Earth with us... In other books, it's sci-fi because it's something that's close to realistic just with more advanced technology. It was nice how I didn't expect Faraday to be an alien, but Sanjay (one of the patients of the hospital) said that whoever has the weird looking mark on their arm is an alien. Tori has the mark, but no one else could see it but Sanjay and her. Faraday wouldn't even show them his arms. Overall, I think the book is worth reading... but the ending could be VERY BAD depending on how you think of it. I give this book a 5.5 out of 10.