Unfinished Venting Home

May 21, 2009
by: fahmed

This is the perfect book because it talks about what I question everyday. Asian and American culture used to be completely different nowadays have become similar. Before Asia used to taunt the West for their bad actions like bars or inappropriate things. Now they can't say anything because the situation is the same.
    Also traditional people that live here and have kids can not seem to instill the culture from back home, very rarely does an American Asian pick up values from their elders. Families here are most of the time in shambles maybe it is because of the fear of commitment or because of the "Unfaithful" aspect. It is sad that sons and daughters have to suffer because of their parent's arguments or financial problems.

"You must be productive, you must not spend all your time shopping and sleeping, there's no use crying over spilt milk" speech. The spilt milk being my father

I'm enjoying American Dragons by Lawrence Yep because it is very relatable. The book is about Asian Americans and their experiences with both cultures. For example in the short story "There's No Reason to get Romantic" by Ann Tashi Slater. A girl's grandmother lectures her all the time. Her grandmother really likes to vent her feelings about back home and how her grand daughter should be more moral and stuff. She has nothing to do and is bored so naturally she says it all the time. my mom is like that sometimes.