The Unfortunate Response

Nov 9, 2014
by: dioso300
One of the problems kids face in Oral Surgery.

It was a usual boring day with a bang of unbelievable shock. My mom recognized my right jaw was more enormous than my left jaw, after taking a shower.

Then she said, "Pa, what's wrong with your face?"

I said, "Oh my Gosh, mom. There is nothing wrong with my face, you are messed up, now leave me alone."

Then, after realizing what she meant, I an eight year old kid didn't care and later on was forced to go to the hospital with my mom. When we were there for a last minute checkup, the doctor insisted I get surgery,

while I still didn't care and my mom was screaming, "Why Doctor, why", with tears on her face.

My mom had done the paperwork and I woken up at 5:30 A.M. When I got up from bed, my mom was wearing magenta jogging pants with a matching magenta sweater. After, I took a shower, in my bathroom, where everything from the floor to the ceiling was white except the materials being used in the bathroom. I change into my black and white jogging pants with a matching black and white shirt, and was ready to go.

We took a cab, and went straight to the emergency side of Elmhurst Hospital in Queens. When we were at the entrance there were many metal an silver chairs, an informative desk, a table sized model of the hospital itself, and a tiny hospital gift shop filled with candy and stuffed animals. There were about 10+ people in the section unlike later on in the day; the afternoon where in the area I was in there would be 95+. When I came to the second floor, I came upon a waiting area where my mom and I were the only ones. Then, I was told that I immediately should go to the changing area where there were huge green lockers, one bathroom and two curtains to change your clothes. After changing you are left with two gowns one for the front and another for the back you tie around the front.

I would after, be sent to the resting area where there were many turquoise seats and marble white hospital beds. After the wait, one nurse checked my blood pressure, as well as my temperature.

She asked my mom, "Did he eat or drink anything for breakfast?"

But, I answered for her in a shivering whisper, "No Mam!"

Then, the nurse left to another room in a second or two and three other nurses came as well as my doctor, Dr. Montizem. He had a turquoise mask for the mouth and the daily doctor uniform. He told me,

"We will give you anesthesia. It will just be a little pinch, and you won't even feel a thing."

They discussed that and left telling my mom and me, we had to wait for and hour or two in the room where everything in the room except my mom's blue outfit given by the doctor and the uniform of the two nurses there was just clear white. After he wait, my mom and I were told by the nurses and doctor that they would be taking a few X-ray of my mouth using the black plastic and the light blue forceps which i had to bite into during the process. I would sit in a kind of old light brown chair you would use at the diner and we were surrounded by white curtains with blue and pink polka dots, so the other doctors and patients wouldn't see us.

After that, we went straight into Surgery and I laid down on the Patient chair you would see for a back massage. They would put white stickers on my chest to notice my heart rate an injected me with a needle that had the anesthesia and told me to take deep breaths in the oxygen things they put on your face inside the ambulance if you were injured in a fire, which smelled so bad like garbage in a bin. I wanted to get it over with so I breathed hard and fast as I could and eventually knocked out.

When I awoke from knocking out, I felt weak and humble. I couldn't tilt my head. When I had to pee they gave me a container that had the shape of a milk container. After all that happened, they put me in the room I was in before with the turquoise chairs and marble white hospital beds, but this time it was filled with other patients. I was given ordinary apple juice with a straw, and changed to my black an white outfit as well. They said, my mom and I could leave, but they noticed I was limping and put me in a wheelchair. The sweet and generous nurse then pushed the wheelchair towards the cab, which led me straight home. I finally got to feel at home and lay down comfortably even though I was still faced with the swelling from the side effects until further notice.