Unit 2 Project: Haunted

Mar 18, 2015
by: 20shumj
Unit 2 Project: Haunted

This project that I finished was an animation based on a plot I created where a girl is pressured to go into a haunted house with her friends. She finds a ghost there that relates to her own situation and her friends also learn from the frightening experience. The moral is that you shouldn't be pressured or pressure someone into doing something that they don't want to do. This animation was made on Scratch and has many elements in it, including plot, characters, scenes, transitions, and sound effects. It required a lot of effort and time so I, myself will learn from the experience.

Characters: Clara, Rob, and Mindy
Clara: A headstrong, bold girl. She’s friendly but likes to have her own way with things.
Rob: An adventurous boy. He’s tempted to do so many daring things without constraint.
Mindy: A smart, cautious girl. She wants to make sure her life doesn’t have too many risks and tries to make good decisions.

Act 1 Scene 1
Setting: Outside of the supposedly haunted house on Halloween. The house is dark and the black curtains seem to be swaying to the wind. (Center Stage)
[The crowd of friends enter from stage left and go to center stage.]
Rob: Hey look, what’s this?
Clara: Do you want to go in?
Mindy(nervous): Are you sure this is a good idea?
Clara: What is there to be afraid of?
Rob: Exactly. It’s just a random haunted house. It’s probably just nothing.
Mindy: Do we have to? You really can’t pressure me into doing this.
Rob: Come on, just go with us. It won’t be scary.
Clara: Walking around on Halloween isn’t even fun anyways.
Mindy(worried): Fine, I guess. Maybe you’re right. (Ominous music plays.)
[They exit through stage right.]

Act 2 Scene 1
Setting: Inside the living room of the haunted house. Interior seems outdated and worn, almost like an old dollhouse. (Center Stage)
[They enter from stage left again and go to center stage]
Mindy: You guys aren’t creeped out at all by this?
Rob: No, maybe we’ll find something interesting.
(sudden opera vocal erupts from somewhere in the house.)
Mindy: I think that is our signal to leave this house!
Clara(annoyed): Oh come on, get a grip. It’s probably just some kids trying to scare people on Halloween.
(screeching is heard from the depths within the house.)
Mindy: I think we should go. Please.
Rob: I guess so. You ruin all of the fun though…

Scene 2:
Ghosts stop the three friends in their tracks, their faces hidden and dark.
Clara(surprised): Are those actual ghosts I’m seeing? I don’t believe it.
Mindy: Yeah I see it too…
Rob: They’re surrounding us! What do we do?
Mindy: We need to run away from them and call for help.
Rob: It might not work, but let’s go into the dining room first..
Clara: Help! Help! SOMEBODY HELP US! [They leave through stage right].

Act 3 Scene 1:
[The friends enter the dining room from stage left and go into the lower center stage.]
[Suddenly, out of nowhere, a different looking spirit, with a friendlier disposition, was looking back at the friends. But only Mindy could see it.]
Mindy: Can you help us?
Friendly Ghost: Yes, call me Leo. I will send them away. You are the only one who can see me. You seem trustworthy.
Mindy: Thank you! Oh, I’m sorry for disrupting your home, if we crossed your boundaries.
Leo: These aren’t my boundaries. My evil step sisters wanted me to stay in this house with them and scare people.
Mindy: That must be terrible!
Leo: Yeah, I really hate it when they don’t listen to me. It’s as if they pressure me into everything.
Mindy: Yeah, I get the feeling...Anyways, please help me and my friends!
Leo: Will do!

Act 4 Scene 1:
[Suddenly, all of the ghosts were gone, including Leo. The setting changes to the dining room, dark and dreary, but somewhat in a new light. They stay in the same place, to make for a faster transition.]
Clara: We’re so lucky!
Rob: We almost died back there!
Mindy: From now on, will you listen to me and not get us killed?
Rob: Of course! I’m sorry.
Clara: Yep… we’re really stubborn. Sorry about that.
Mindy: It’s fine, guys. Don’t worry about it.
[The group exits through stage right]

Developer’s Log #1: Thursday 3/12 in school (1:40-2:00). I wanted to complete steps 1-4, but I only got through step 1. I had trouble importing the images for my background and title sequence, and since I got stuck on that, I spent a lot of time figuring out how to do it. I need to be more efficient with my time, and figure out how to do some of the importing of backgrounds and pictures.

Developer’s Log #2: Friday 3/13 at home (8:00-8:55). I wanted to complete steps 2-20 and succeeded. Even though I still had some trouble importing pictures from storyboardthat.com in the beginning for the background, I finally understood how to do it, and afterwards, it was an ease to add all of the dialogue. Therefore, I think I met my goal and was efficient with my time.

Developer’s Log #3: Sunday 3/15 at home (12:00-2:00). I wanted to complete the rest of my steps and finished. I had a lot of trouble with fixing some of the transitions that I accidentally messed up, especially when moving to new acts. However, my speed improved as I progressed through this project. Something I changed was that instead of ending the animation with just a regular backdrop, I added a black backdrop with “The End” on it to make it a nicer transition. Also, I had trouble fixing a dialogue for Clara about calling for help. It kept on continuing, but I fixed it by setting it to play for only a few number of seconds. I added a bell toll, and a musical roll in the beginning. I also added some music that sounded like elevator music at the endslate. The amount of time I took was reasonable.