Unit 2 Project: The Mansion

Mar 18, 2015
by: 20iazzagm
The Mansion
Act 1
Act 2
Act 3

This animation is about two kids who are standing in front of a beautiful mansion, and are looking at it. A woman, the owner of the mansion, tells the kids to come inside. What they don't know is that the woman only wants to lock them in a room because they rudely walked right on her property. The children must be very gullible and naive, because they agree to go in the stranger's mansion.


Scene 1: The Mansion

Martin: Are you looking at the mansion?
Celia: Yeah.....
Martin: They say it's haunted.
Celia: Haunted? Get real.
Lucy Hemingway leaves the mansion and approaches the kids at the front of the stage.
Lucy: Hello children. I am Lucy Hemingway. Would you like to come in? We get a lot of visitors.
Celia: We don't know you!
Lucy: Correction; You don't know each other. I have told you my name; it's time to hear yours.
Martin: In that case, I'm Martin.
Celia: And I'm Celia.
Lucy: So, would you like to come in?
Martin: Yeah!
Celia: Of course!
Celia and Martin run to the mansion, back of stage.
Lucy: Okay then. *winks*

Scene 2: The Locking

Lucy: This is the theater room.
Celia: Wow!
Walks to the dining room. The kids follow.
Lucy: And the dining room.
Celia: Cool.
Walks to a secluded, drab room. Kids go inside.
Lucy: And where you'll be staying!
Martin: (nervously) Did she just...
Celia: (nervously) Yup... She locked us in.

Scene 3: Escape

Martin: Why'd she do that?
Celia is quiet and is listening for something.
Celia: I hear her! At the door! Maybe she’s talking about us.
Lucy: (through door) Those meddling kids will wish they never set foot on my property!
Celia: (cautiously) So she's keeping us here for revenge on trespassing. But how will we get out?
Martin: (cautiously) We could leave through the chimney.
Celia: (excitedly)Martin, that's genius!
Celia and Martin climb up the chimney and jump to the ground from the roof.
Lucy goes in the room to check on them; they’ve been quiet.
Lucy: (inside room) They got away! Arrrgh!
Celia and Martin get up and begin running.
Martin: Let's run!
Celia: And NEVER come back!

Developer's Logs:

Developer’s Log #1

Wednesday, March 11, 9:50 - 10:15, BSGE
In this time, I was creating the characters for my scratch project. I made them on storyboardthat, and uploaded them onto scratch.
I wanted to be able to finish uploading the characters onto scratch at home, but they would be on a school computer.
I decided to upload the characters onto my flash drive so I’d always have them.

Developer’s Log #2

Wednesday, March 11, 5:15 - 5:46, Home, my laptop.
I was working on the different costumes for my characters in my scratch project.
I had no issues in doing this.

Developer’s Log #3

Friday, March 13, 9:15 - 10:15, BSGE
I finished uploading the costumes onto scratch. I worked a little on the actual project, by making the characters speak.
I had no problems in doing anything today.

Developer’s Log #4

Saturday, March 14, 1:04 - 3:30, Home.
I animated the first scene and am halfway through the second.
I had issues with making the backgrounds fit the whole page.
I found a way to stretch the pictures to fit them.

Developer’s Log #5

Monday, March 16, 3:30 - 7:45, Home.
I finished the second and third scenes for the animation. I checked over the timings to make sure they went smoothly.
I had problems with switching backgrounds in time.
I counted the amount of seconds it should take before the background changed (tedious, but hey, it worked.)