unit 2 project: an outlaw's journey

Mar 18, 2015
by: 20wongb
what my project looks like
image of my first act
image of 1st act 2nd scene
image of 2nd act
image of 3rd act
image of 4th act

This is my scratch project link. My project is about a servant name marc who gets banish from insulting the prince. He goes and flees by the skin of his teeth form the villagers and the dogs. He ends up in a hayfield and makes friends with a cat name bob and joins a knight name sir silly string on a quest. They go on this quest to get this amazing fish and they find it to be guarded by a dragon. Sir silly string horse dies, but marc kills the dragon, only to be betrayed by the knight who almost killed him if it wasn’t for bob. Marc and bob decide to get revenge and they scare the knight who was on the way back to give the prince the prize. Sir silly string faints when the prince and his guards come. Marc and bob kill all the guards and the win the amazing fish.