Unit 2 Project: Starring ~ Cinderella

Mar 18, 2015
by: 20panj

My animation is called "Starring ~ Cinderella." It is where two characters are acting out the play Cinderella. Everything goes as planned in the play, until Princess leaves and doesn't drop a shoe for the Prince. The Prince runs after her to get a shoe. The whole planned play flips when the two actors realizes that Cinderella didn't even get a shoe. However, the show must go on, so the two actors settle on just dancing. To end the disastrous play, Cinderella and Prince announce a sudden marriage, finishing the play.


On stage, curtains opened

Dialogue: Prince and Cinderella

Both characters are inside of a castle.

Act I Script I:

(Standing towards stage left, dancing.)

Cinderella: What time is it?

Prince: A minute to 12

(Cinderella abruptly stops dancing)

Prince: What happened? And I never asked you, what’s your name?

Cinderella: I’m sorry...I, I must go!

Prince: Wh-What? Why?! You didn’t even tell me your na--

(Cinderella dashes off stage right)

(Prince looks around on the floor, scratching his head)

Prince (mutters) : There’s supposed to be a shoe here… Where’s the shoe?!

Act II Script II:

(Standing outside of castle)

Prince (whispering): You forgot to leave me a shoe!!

Cinderella(whispering): I didn’t even get a shoe! the stage manager forgot to give it to me!

Prince (whispering): Then what are we going to do now??!!

Cinderella (whispering) : The show must go on, keep dancing.

Prince (loudly): You’re so beautiful tonight.

Cinderella: Actually...Prince… I’m not really a princess

Prince: I don’t care! I’ll make you one then.

(Both smile)

Act III Script III:

(Standing in backyard of castle)

Cinderella (whispering) : So do you really just make me a princess now?

Prince (whispering): What else can i do… that’s how the story’s supposed to be and we already messed up the whole plot! At least keep the ending intact…

Cinderella (whispering): Ok then, hopefully our salary for this play doesn’t go down… ...now end this quick, I’m getting thirsty.

Prince (loudly) :Be my princess. We’ll live happily ever after.

Unison: The End.

(both walk off stage)

Developer’s Log #1: Thursday 3/12, 15 minutes, in school. I completed step 1 of my action plan: creating a title sequence. I had some trouble and took more time than I expected when I was importing a background from storyboardthat.com to Scratch. In the end, I was able to download it and upload it into Scratch. There were no changes in design and plan so far.

Developer’s Log #2: Thursday 3/12, 45 minutes, at home. I completed steps 2-9 of my action plan (act 1 script 1), successfully following my schedule. The only thing that took me more time than I expected was getting Sprites to rotate; after rotating they would face the wrong way when I replayed it so it was inconsistent. I ended up solving that by putting “point towards ___” in the very beginning of the script. There were no changes in design and plan so far.

Developer’s Log #3: Saturday, 45 minutes, at home. I completed steps 10-16 of my action plan (act 2 script 2), successfully following my schedule. I was able to work slightly faster and on pace this time, because I knew how to make my Sprites dance from the last session. I was able to look back at my work from last time and completed things like rotating Sprites faster. There were no changes in design and plan so far.

Developer’s Log #4: Monday, 55 minutes, in school. I completed steps 17-22, and half of 23 of my action plan (act 3 script 3), slightly behind my schedule. I was able to work efficiently, except it took me a long time when I realized that I didn’t make everything constant, so I had to go back to step 17 and fix my script. There were no changes in design and plan so far.

Developer’s Log #5: Monday, 30 minutes, at home. I completed the last step of my action plan and edited my entire animation. I was able to finish the last step efficiently. The main edits I made was adding in sound effects to make the animation less boring and more attractive, which took me most of the half hour. There were no changes made in design.