Unit 2 project: trip to the animal kingdom

Mar 19, 2015
by: 20beegank
unit 2 project: trip to the animal kingdom
Act 1,2,3& 4.

this animation shows astronauts who are discovering an alternate dimension that turns out to be the opposite of the way humans view pets. instead in this dimension, the animals rule the humans and they are kept as pets. the planet has a strange set of rules as that if you runaway as a pet, you are eaten and devoured. while the astronauts are exploring the planet, they see a lion who attacks them and kills them. this is because he sees them as pets.

act 1 scene 1
characters: boss, mae, co workers
setting: hq of a rival of nasa( people seated at a table)
man at end stands up
boss: we are behind people, way behind.
mae: what is it commander?
boss: nasa has beaten us to the wormhole
mae: the one we think leads to an alternate dimension?
boss: exactly

act 2 scene 2
characters: boss, mae, jack and susan
setting: space station
mae, jack and susan boarding shuttle
boss at side
boss: remember, this trip is important
mae: yes sir
boss: dont mess up

act 3 scene 3
characters: susan, mae, jack
setting: shuttle
mae: we are nearing the wormhole
susan: we are going through!
all cheer

act 4 scene 4
setting: planet htrae
mae: we are here
jack: good
susan: uh oh
mae: what?
susan points
jack: oh no, there is a lion with a child on a leash
mae: look, a tiger feeding a man out of his paw.
tiger spots them
tiger growls and the animals go after them
mae: run!
all fall over child leash
lion devours all of them for that is the punishment for runaway pets.

Developers log:

log 1: march 6:go onto storyboardthat and finish my storyboard. i created the title sequence , the first background , my sprites, and i animated my sprites in my first scene and i was a bit behind schedule in my action plan since i started it a little late in class but i got most things done.

log 2:march 12: start project and finish plan. look for sprites and backgrounds on scratch. i stuck to my action plan well as i did a lot of things today. i did my second and 3rd scenes and found the correct things for that.

log 3:march 16: work on project and get up to the fourth act. do this in tech class.i did a lot of things. i did my last scene but then my computer was glitching so i had to start over with some things but i accomplished a lot.

log 4: i made many changes to the script because they turned out to be really complex and complicated. i cut out the tiger bit of the story and i also just made the humans not be able to move so the lion devoured them instead of them falling over a pet leash and the animals circling them.
i wasnt able to do a table in the opening shot and it wasn't the easiest to find the backgrounds to match my story.