The Universe's Ruler

Mar 19, 2015
by: 20haques
The Universe's Ruler
The Universe's Ruler
The Universe's Ruler
The Universe's Ruler
The Universe's Ruler
The Universe's Ruler

This is a project created on Scratch. The title of this animation is "The Universe's Ruler." It follows the life of a regular person named Shahreen whose plan is to become the ruler of the universe. However, when she is just a student, no one believes her and feels that she is just mentally insane or something. Later on, she takes over the world, then the next goal is taking over the universe. Many people decide to join up with her to help her take over the universe. There are rebels, too. The secret to making a good animation is having an interesting plot and having some sort of irony or funny parts. Without it, there will be nothing to laugh at or think about at all.

Act 1 Scene 1
Setting: Takes place in Mrs. Jackson’s advisory
(Enter Shahreen, stage right)
Shahreen: Mwahaha! First, I’ll start with taking over this advisory!
(Enter Allen, stage left)
Allen: HEY! What are you doing in my advisory?
Shahreen: I’m taking over! From now on, everyone here are my loyal subjects.
Allen: Whatever, mental person….
Shahreen: Okay, that’s done!
(Enter Rachel, stage left)
Rachel: Hey, cool person! You can take over this advisory because you’re so awesome!
Shahreen: Hahahahah! My first claimed territory! Time to take over the universe!
Allen:.....mentally disabled……
Act 2 Scene 1
Setting: Mrs. Jackson’s advisory...except, it turned into Shahreen’s office. Shahreen is sitting on a throne.
Shahreen: Mwahahaha, now I’ve conquered the world!
(Enter Rachael, stage left)
Rachael: Here’s your tea, Shahreen.
-Rachael walks up to Shahreen-
Shahreen: Thank you! How your work on creating a plan to take over this universe?
-Rachael walks near to where she entered from-
Rachael: It’s good. I’ve already had Rushaid kill the all who opposed our plan. They just don’t understand. Rushaid died though. Got killed by some crazy Rachel girl.
Shahreen: Tell my soldiers to kill her on sight.
Rachael: Planned ahead. Told them. She’s probably dead now.
-Shahreen looks the other way-
Shahreen: How well are Mrs. Jackson’s advisory students doing in their work?
Rachael: They’re doing very good. Especially some. I’ll be on my way, now. I have to do my work.
Shahreen: Okay!
Act 3 Scene 1
Setting: Some foreign galaxy with Shahreen sitting on a throne.
(Enter Maya, stage left)
Shahreen: How are you handling 80,000,000,000 of my galaxies?
Maya: Easily!
Shahreen: Good, good…Give me my papers.
Maya: Thank you and okay.
-Maya walks up to Shahreen and hands her, her papers-
Shahreen: How’s Rachael doing with the rest?
-Maya walks back to where she was-
Maya: Just fine! She’s really good at enforcing laws!
Shahreen: Good! Now the real plan starts! Go tell Rachael and meet me in my office!
Maya: I was waiting for it. Finally!
-Maya walks away-
Act 4 Scene 1
Setting: Shahreen, Rachael, and Maya in Shahreen’s office.
Shahreen: Okay, now, it starts!
Rachael: What do we do?
Maya: Yeah?
-Get’s off the throne-
Shahreen: We will make it so everyone can only have a maximum of two children, no animal cruelty, no killing, everyone must speak English, and some other things will be enforced to make a perfect, but ethical universe.
Rachael: AMAZING! I’ll get my speech ready!
-Rachael leaves-
MAYA: THAT’S THE BEST PLAN I’VE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE! I’ll go contact the representatives!
-Maya leaves-
Shahreen: I knew they would agree!
Act 4 Scene 2
Setting: A stage with Rachael on it and representatives from many different places in the universe. Except that no one, but Rachael is shown in the background.
Rachael: People, people of the universe, Lord Shahreen has said that you must obey all rules she gives out. These are the rules as follows…….
Act 5 Scene 1
Setting: Some random world with happy people
(Enter Shahreen and Rachael, stage left)
Shahreen: Look at all these random happy people!
Rachael: I know. They are so happy!
Shahreen: I’m so proud of myself.
Rachael: Maya is coming.
(Enter Maya, stage right)
Maya: I heard my name.
Shahreen: Do you think I’m awesome?
Maya: Yeah! Also, there was some rebellion group in galaxy 297235643. We should have them stopped.
Shahreen: Send my army to either tell them to stop or kill them.
(Random person, stage right)
Random person: DIEEEE! -throws a knife-
Shahreen: Nahh. -the knife turns around and kills the random person-
Rachael: WOAH! What just happened? How’d you do that?
Maya: Was that magic?
Shahreen: I just did it and I dunno if it’s magic. How do you think I ruled the universe if I couldn’t do something as simple as that?
Maya: True...I should have expected this.
Rachael: WOW, You’re cooler than I thought.
Shahreen: I know, I know. Now get back to work.
Rachael: Okay! See you tomorrow.
-Rachael leaves-
Maya: Bye!
-Maya leaves-

Developer's Journal

Session 1: Thursday 3/12/15: I was supposed to do steps 1-4 and I got steps 1-4 done and even a background, too. I actually ended up doing things at a much faster pace because it didn’t take much time to create the characters, since I decided to use the characters in Scratch. I did because I didn’t know how to get characters out of StoryBoardThat and didn’t want to waste so much time on it either. Also, it was alright because what characters I chose didn’t affect anything important in the project.
Session 2: Saturday 3/14/15: I wanted to get done all the steps until Act 5. I did get them done, but it took me an extra 1 ½ hours than I had expected since it took me a lot of time figuring out how to do some things I never did before. This would be the “distractions and figuring things out” part of my project that I expected to happen overall, but I didn’t know exactly when I would have to figure something out or when I would get distracted.
Session 3: Monday 3/16/14: I wanted to get everything else in my project finished. I did finish it and on time. There were no problems with the amount of time I set for myself.