The Unknown Ability

Mar 19, 2015
by: 20powersk
The Unknown Ability
Act 1
Act 2
Act 3
Act 4

What if one day, you found out that you had a supernatural power? What would you do? How would you react? This animation is about just that. Follow the story of a girl who finds out that she has the ability to move things with her mind. At first, she is scared, but once she finds out that there are others like her, she is excited but unsure about what she will do with this newfound telekinetic ability.

Act 1 Scene 1
Setting: Outside a regular Manhattan club anonymous people are waiting in line to get into the party. Emily Walker and her best friend Jake Herondale walk onto the stage from stage left.
Characters: Emily Walker (the protagonist), Jake Herondale (Emily’s best friend), Jake and Emily’s ID cards, Anonymous people and the anonymous door guard
Emily: Woah, Jake, there are a lot of people here.
Jake: No duh. Come on, let’s go dance!
Emily: Ummm… I don’t know. You know I don’t dance-
Jake: Yes, you do. At least as of now. Come ON!
Emily: Okay, okay.
Anonymous Door Guard: ID cards please.
Emily and Jake hold out their hands, holding two white cards.
Anonymous Door Guard: Okay, you can head on in.
The guard moves aside and let’s Emily and Jake move through the large group and through the entrance of the club.

Act 2 Scene 2
Setting: Dance Floor of the Manhattan club.
Jake and Emily enter stage left. Once Jake and Emily reach the dance floor, they start dancing, Emily is awkwardly swaying back and forth while Jake is dancing in every way.Two hours later…. Emily and Jake are hanging out with a couple of others. They have not had anything to drink but somehow they have ended up talking about crazy things.
Anonymous 1: Wait, wait, wait. Let’s try it!
Anonymous 2: YAS!!!! I wanna see if we got the powers!
Jake: Okay!! I volunteer Emily as tribute!
Anonymous 1: Isn’t that from the Hunger Games?
Emily: Yes, it is. And, no, I will not try this absurd thing.
Jake: Oh, come on! Loosen up a little! Try to lift me in the air without touching me!
Emily: Okay, fine. Here I go.
The others clear some space for Emily. Emily lifts one arm from her crossed arms and lifted a finger, trying to “lift” Jake. All of a sudden, Jake moves up into the air.
Jake: Emily!! How… How are you doing this?!
Emily: I… I don’t…. I don’t know.
Anonymous 1: WOOOAAAHH!!!!!
Anonymous 2 then pushes Emily over, and the screen goes dark because Emily has passed out after hitting her head on the ground.

Act 3 Scene 3
Setting: At Heather Brooke’s bedroom in the “Special” headquarters in Brooklyn.
Characters: Emily Walker (the protagonist), Heather Brooke (one of the “Specials”), Tyler Evans (the leader of the “Specials”)
Emily is lying down on the only bed in the room at stage left. Tyler is standing close to the bed at stage right, his arms crossed. Emily jumps up out of the bed as Heather walks into the room from stage right.
Emily: Who are you guys?! Where am I?!
Heather: Please, let us explain….
Heather walks a couple of steps toward stage left and toward where Emily is now standing. Emily moves back away from Heather a little.
Emily: Get away from me!
Heather: Do you remember anything about last night at the club?
Emily: I… Umm… No….. Why? Do you care to explain how I ended up here?
Heather: Just try to remember back to when you and your friend and two others were trying to see if anyone had super powers and-
Emily: I went first and it worked! I remember now! Hey, weren’t you one of the people I was with?
Heather: Yes, it did work and yes, I was. I had to knock you both out so that you could come to headquarters with me… This is my room of the headquarters. Sorry about knocking you out, it’s just that headquarters have to remain secret to the public.
Emily: Do you mind actually explaining anything to me or are you just going to keep speaking gibberish?
Tyler: Heather, I will explain this part.
Heather: Of course.
Tyler: So you now know that you yourself have special abilities. People like you are called “Specials”.
Emily: So there are others like me? I am not the only one?
Tyler: Yes, everyone in these headquarters have an unique ability. I, myself, have the ability to control the weather, but I rather not show you indoors. Maybe later, if and when you decide to join our clan.
Emily: You sound very sure that I will join you. Aren’t there others out there who have their own clans?
Tyler: Yes there are others, but it would be wise to join us. There are many of us in my clan that are able to help you control your powers. Others will not be so gracious.
Emily: Okay, well. I think I am going to go back home and think about this.
Heather: Oh, no. You can’t do that. The first couple months of having your newfound abilities are the most difficult to cope with.
Tyler: I am afraid that Heather is correct. You will have to stay with us for a while. We will send a telekinetic like yourself to alter your friends’ and families’ memories so they don’t get worried about you.
Heather: Don’t worry, our telekinetic is very powerful, he won’t have any trouble at all.
Tyler: Heather, will you please escort Emily to one of the spare bedrooms where she will be staying?
Heather: Sure thing. Follow me, Emily.
Emily and Heather exit stage right.

Developer's Log:
Session 1: 3/12/14 School, Technology Class: I took about 15 minutes to look over certain aspects of both my Script and of the Project Plan, and I had only planned for it to take about 9 minutes. After this, it took me longer than I had expected to create my title sequence because I was trying to perfect it. This lead me to me now having to complete this as at home.
Session 2: 3/13/15 Home; 2 hours: I took about 10 more minutes than I had expected when creating the sprites because I realized that to use the sprites would too long to make them be ready to be in the animation, therefore I will simply be using Scratch’s sprites. Other than that, I do believe that I have to continue. Also, I will not be including the part of Scene 1, Act 1 that includes the door guard because I could not find a sprite that had the expressions/costumes I am looking for and I took away the fact that Jake and Emily walk onto the stage because the stage I used was from StoryBoardThat, making it smaller that the whole screen and it would not have looked the way I had hoped.
Session 3:3/16/15 School, Technology Class; I did almost all of what I had hoped to do, but I have been spending way too much time on every single detail. Instead, I will start going faster in order to finish this project in a timely manner.
Session 4: 3/16/15 Home; 2 hours: I was able to stay with the guidelines that I created and finished up to step 30 like I planned. I had to change two things, though; one being that I took away the part at the dance floor with Jake and Emily dancing and I went straight to the “2 Hours Later…..” part because there was no point to it and just wasted time. I also took away the part of Emily waking up on a bed because I was not able to changing and messing up other parts of my project.
Session 5: 3/17/15 Home; 2 hours; I was able to complete my project in a timely manner, but I did make one major change, which was because even though I did everything correct (to my knowledge) my third act is messed up and stops earlier than I planned to. I actually was going to do the advanced project, and I had everything ready, but when I played the video, it came out very wrong. This mishap has made me scared to change anything for the reason of not wanting even more to disappear, as each time I play the video again, something very simple changes that only I, the creator, notices; this also explains and hopefully excuses the abrupt ending, because I do have it in the Scratch script, yet it never actually became part of the animation.


It is awesome its even better

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It is awesome its even better than mine and great plot too!