Unknown Knocking

May 22, 2009
by: 12aldanaj

All of the scary stories relate to El Salvador, lolz. My cousing told me that when she went to El Salvador that every night there would be a knocking on the door in the middle of the night but that everytime she opened it there would be no one there. THE knocking would go on every night at the same time and yet she could never find out the source of the knocking but she was sure that it couldnt have been any of the rest of teh family in the house because they were all a sleep and had their doors locked. PLus she was very quick at opening the door. After a few time of continous knockiong, my cousin stopped looking to see who it was and instead would either go to sleep or listen to her ipod aroudn that time for that she would not hear the knocking. This made me wonder if maybe ghosts really infact haunt my grandparents house, THe dogs would always be howling.