Oct 15, 2015
by: meme2019

My name is a jumble of last-minute thoughts and stolen details.
While I don’t know what my parents were thinking at the time, I can’t say that the title doesn’t suit me.
Megan, a name that is plain, nothing special or fancy, no odd spellings that pop out at you or things to make you approach me to ask, “wow, what an interesting name!”.
An afterthought as I was born, something quickly put together as a result of lack of ideas.
Some of you might not run into people who have your name, but for me, there are at least 3, daughters of the doctors who performed my mother’s C-Section.
It breaks my heart that I am not original, not one-of-a-kind, by that standard at least.
I suppose that’s how I am as a person too.
It’s almost as if my name were a warning sign to the personality that’s about to come.
How hard could these five, simple letters be?
There is hardly a person who can pronounce it correctly, for I am not ‘May-gen’, nor ‘Mee-gan’, not spelled like ‘Meghan’ or ‘Maegen’.
I wish my name were exotic, something lovely that floats off the tongue like a gentle release of doves, not the harsh syllables of Megan.
But I am not a sweet melody, I am not a beauty beheld by the luckiest of people, I am plain, I am not special and I am not original.
Megan, it means ‘pearl’, but I am not a pearl either, so what name could truly fit me?
Somehow, I am Megan, but somehow not, almost as if everyday of my life is an identity crisis.
But, to my dismay (or maybe not), that identity crisis has consumed me, and makes me, well, me.


Great Job!

Submitted by mjrougelot on Sun, 2015-12-13 15:07.

I loved reading your writing! I was intrigued the entire time, and I think the topic is very creative. There were a few times I was slightly confused due to run- ons/ phrasings, so if those were fixed in my opinion it would be perfect. You made me feel as if I could relate directly to your poem, and I like the contradiction about whether or not your name suits you. This identity crisis is an interesting outlook. I've never truly thought too much into my own name, and your poem encouraged me to do so. Keep up the amazing work!