Unrecognized Talent

Mar 16, 2010
by: kberg

     If Syracuse, Kentucky, or Duke or any other team managed to remain undefeated throughout their whole season they would be the constant talk of sports center.  What if they had won 71 consecutive games in a row.  Also, they had won each game by at least 10 points in those 71 wins.  They would be known and their point leaders would be common names just like John Wall or Kyle Singler.  However, the only team to accomplish this in the past two seasons is in womens basketball, which explains why most people don't know much about the University of Connecticut Huskies.  On their second perfect season, Tina Charles and Maya Moore have led the UConn huskies to another number one seed in the tournament.  Their average margin of victory in their last 71 games is more than 30 points.  With every game they are creating history of the longest winning streak and at the rate they're going I expect them to win their second national championship in a row this year by ten or more points. 

UCONN Streak (click for video)
    The most frustrating part about this program is that they get no recognition for what they have accomplished.  All the focus is on men's basketball even if the team is only average.  Sports specialists spend hours talking about "bracketology" and the different outcomes of games, but centered only on the mens side.  Basketball fans stress over who to put in their final four and watch every game hoping that their pick will come out victorious, but how many of these fans have ever seen a womens basketball game.  Our society downgrades women's sports in ways sometimes we don't even notice.  Even on www.espn.com there isn't a link for men's basketball because it is just under college basketball, where as women have their separate women's basketball link.  The women's game doesn't have the recognition like the men's game does, that's just the way it is.  However, this doesn't mean that we shouldn't appreciate this amazing UConn program and what they have accomplished in the past two years.


 Kiersten I enjoyed your

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I enjoyed your post very much because it's so true. The UConn women have been denied the recognition they deserve for all their work and success. But at the same time, I think they're getting less press because they're beating every team they play by more than 20, 30 points. Those blowout games are not as interesting to watch as games in the mens' March Madness, where most games come down to an overtime or a last second shot. Maybe if someone upsets UConn in the tournament people will start paying more attention. 

At the same time, I agree that the women's NCAA tournaments need more press and "bracketology" of their own. But that comes down to what fans want to watch and if more fans watch these games than more sponsors will give them more money for their tournaments, programs, and air time, which is unfortunate for teams like UConn who deserve credit for their record. 

Thanks again for writing your post. While women may not have all of the muscles men have, they still work just as hard, and they still deserve just as much recognition for it.