Unwanted News

Mar 19, 2015
by: 20tranh

For my Unit 2 Technology project I made an animation about a story inspired from the anime Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima. The story is about a girl named Layla who decides to visit her dad because they were not very close and she did not visit him in a long time. As she goes, his friends Nathan and Harry accompany him and walk to her father's workplace. Eventually, Layla learns that her father had passed away leaving her distraught and shocked. Fortunately to the help, support, and comfort from Nathan and Harry, Layla feels better and then goes home.

Stage 1, Act 1- Park
[Enter left stage, Layla, Harry, and Nathan]
Layla- It was such a nice day today.
Layla- What should I do?
Layla (thinking) - I haven’t visited my father in a while. I’ll go see him at his workplace right now.
[Layla walks to the right of stage]
Stage 2, Act 2- Road
[Layla, Harry and Nathan enter, left]
Nathan- Where are you going?
[Nathan walks up to Layla]
Layla- I’m going to visit my dad. We haven’t really talked in a while, because we weren’t really close. Even if that’s true I kinda miss him.
Nathan- Oh, I’ll come with you!
[Layla’s face brightens]
Layla- Thanks!
[Layla and Nathan move to the right of the stage]
Stage 3- Act 3- Jules’ workplace
[Layla and Nathan enters from the left of stage]
[Layla speaks to work secretary]
Layla- Hi, is Jules Hearston here today?
Secretary- J- Jules?
Layla- Yeah, is he here today?
Secretary- Assuming you’re Layla Hearston, I’m afraid I have some… depressing news for you. Your father passed away a few months ago. It was a very sad loss for us and all his friends.
[Nathan gasps]
[Layla is surprised, looks sad]
Stage 4 Act 4- Layla’s home
[Layla and Nathan enter from the right]
Nathan- Layla, I know you’re really bummed about your dad. I wish I can help you somehow.
Layla- Thanks, I feel alot better because you showed you cared for me. But one thing I don’t get. I’m really depressed and all, but I don’t have tears. Does this mean I never really cared?
Nathan- Don’t say things like that. Just because you aren’t crying doesn’t mean you don’t care. It means you are strong and can accept this tragedy. My dad disappeared from me 7 years ago and I’ve been looking for him ever since. But I do care for him, but I also realize that our parents will always be here with us, in our hearts.
[Harry flies in from the left]
Harry- I’m sorry I came late and interrupted. I heard what happened and I wanted to let you have some time alone!
Layla- Thanks Harry, and thanks Nathan.
[Nathan joins Harry’s side]
[Layla looks at the two]
Layla- Like my dad, you guys are always in my heart as friends. Thanks. I’ll be at home for the rest of the day, you guys can go hang out somewhere in the city! I just need some rest, but I feel great now See you later!
Nathan and Harry- Bye, feel better!

Developer's Log-
3/12/15, 2:03, Tech Room.
I created my Scratch project at school and named it Unwanted News because it corresponded to my script. Once I did that I moved on to my project. I created a new backdrop in which I would handwrite the title and make about 2 or 3 costumes to animate it by changing the costume every few seconds.
Because I did not have my touchscreen laptop i couldn’t handwrite the backdrop.
It took a little longer than ! expected to take.
Solution- I postponed the creation of the backdrop to when i get back home.

3/14/15, 8:30, Bedroom
With my touchscreen laptop, I drew and handwritten the title of my project with little variations in the two that I made and by using “Control” and “Looks” blocks I made the two switch for approximately 7/8 seconds. Then I inserted Harry and made it so that he would switch costumes forever so it would seem like he is flying. Then I made him hide as I went on to the next backdrop, going into Act 1. I also inserted the rest of the sprites into the project and made their backgrounds transparent. I did this with Harry too. I added the rest of the necessary costumes for each character.
I couldn’t find the transparent color button in the Scratch editor.
The image resolution changed as I inserted a backdrop.
I looked online as to how to find the transparent color and I found it. I also decided to change the dimensions of my backdrops before I inserted them to scratch.

3/15/15, 7:00, Bedroom
Today I started the dialogue and animations for Act 1. When a character made a move I would change the costume of the sprite to a different character pose. I finished Act 1 and moved on to Act 2. It took a little long to finish considering that the characters had to be animated and the costumes were changing. Then I finally finished Act 3 and checked for mistakes so far.
This was a little time consuming
Some of the dialogue got mixed up with different broadcasts
Solution- I made sure I was more organized when making my script. I also set up a schedule so that I would be time efficient
I changed my schedule so I could work on my project
3/17/15, 5:30, Bedroom

Today I finished checking for mistakes and fixed them. I finished Act 4 and checked for mistakes as well. I finished that and because my animation was a few seconds short from 2 minutes I made an ending sequence and animated it with Harry, like I did in the beginning of the animation.
My project was 5 seconds short of 2 minutes
Solution- I created an ending sequence

My Project:

Flying Cat, Harry made with sumopaint.com and picmonkey.com.
Dog base made from zcherozrodesidz on deviantart.com http://zcherozrodesidz.deviantart.com/art/dog-and-cat-free-lineart-20738...
Wings made frhgom K1ku-Stock on deviantart.com as well http://k1ku-stock.deviantart.com/art/Spread-Wings-Dark-381290234