The Unwanted Privilege

Mar 19, 2015
by: 20cheungr
The Unwanted Privilege
Act 1
Act 2
Act 3
Act 4

Ariella is a girl who was born into a rich family. However, her feelings toward this subject, are surprising. Isn't money everything? Wouldn't people be happy if they all had money? One day, she tried to run away, but luckily, was stopped. Why would she run away? Shouldn't she love all this luxury?


In a big living room and two big armchairs and a soft carpeted ground.
Ariella (4) is center stage
Mom is stage right.
Dad is stage left
MOM: Ariella, dear, what are you playing with?
ARIELLA: It’s a kitty!
(holds up kitten plush)
MOM: Yes, it is a kitten indeed..
ARIELLA: It’s blue!
DAD: Yes, yes.
MOM: Our daughter is so precious.
DAD: Yes, yes.

11 years later…
A mansion is in the distance, with paths leading towards it. There are trees that surround it.
Ariella (15) is center stage.
Mom on stage right.
Dad on stage left.
MOM: My, my, that was such an elegant party, was it not?
ARIELLA: No! It was the worst!I am tired of how proper I have to be all the time!
MOM: Oh, honey…
DAD: Now, Ariella, don’t be like that. We should feel very fortunate to have all this.
ARIELLA: Don’t you see how annoying it is? I get scolded whenever I act “improper”.
DAD: Well…
MOM: (thinks) She was so cute when she was little.

In Ariella’s bedroom
Avalon (cat) and Ariella are on stage.
ARIELLA: Avalon, should I just run away?
AVALON: ~mew~
ARIELLA: I just want to have a normal life like the people in the books I read.
AVALON: ~purr~
ARIELLA: Will you come with me if I run away from here? I mean, I’ll just go to Aunt Clara who works in the city.
AVALON: ~meow~
ARIELLA: Thank you so much! Let’s try going tomorrow morning when no one is up yet.

In long hallway, with chandeliers and paintings hung up on the wall
ARIELLA: Now, keep quiet Avalon, we have to find a way out.
Ariella wears a pack on her side.
Butler, Alfredo, appears stage right.
ALFREDO: Ms. Ariella! Where do you think you are going? Why do you have a purse with you?
ARIELLA: (whispers) Dang it, I forgot about Alfredo!
ALFREDO: Hurry up, Ms. Ariella, or your father will find out.
ARIELLA: Thanks, Alfredo!
Dad appears stage right.
DAD: Ariella! What are you doing up so early!
DAD: Where are you going?
ARIELLA: Ummm… I needed to use the bathroom…
Dad raises an eyebrow.
DAD: With that purse?
ARIELLA: Yes, father, umm… I just… got it back! Yes, Alfredo was washing it.
ALFREDO: Yes, master, I was washing it for her
DAD: Okay, then, hurry back to bed.
Dad lets out a breath.
ARIELLA: Yes, right away!
Ariella sighs and hurries off stage right.
DAD: What was she doing, Alfredo?
ALFREDO (smiling): It’s just like she said. Using the restroom!


Thursday 3/12 In School
I was supposed to complete step 1 and 2, but was only able to complete step 1. I had taken too long to try to think up of a fitting name for my project. It took me around fifteen minutes. Also, there were distractions around me, causing me to not be able to concentrate as hard as I wanted to. Therefore, I will extend m time needed for creating the title sequence to fifteen minutes, because of the time I had taken to complete that step.
Saturday 3/14 At Home
The finding and creating of the sprites took longer than I had expected, since I had to crop and give credit to them. It was also hard to locate them, because of the creative commons limitation. It took me 45 minutes rather than 15 minutes.
Sunday 3/15 At Home
The first two scenes went by according to time limit. Some of the dialogue I had to change, however, and also the placing of the characters. The dialogue I had to change to make sure it went by smoothly. The characters I changed because of their poses in the picture.
Monday 3/16 At School
The scenes took longer than I thought it would. By the end of the period, I had just finished the third scene, and half of the fourth scene. That is because I wanted to add a page that said “The next day…” since it would make it seem more clearer, rather than an immediate transition.
Tuesday 3/17 At School
I took around 30 minutes to finalize my animation, since there were some errors with the appearance of each speech bubble. I also wanted to add an extra ending background that said “The End”, to signify the end of the animation.