Urgent Evoke 4-7

Apr 21, 2010
by: bfall

I'm an agent on Evoke, and my work on Evoke over the past four weeks (weeks 4-7) has been great because I have work on many things about water crisis, the future of the money, empowering women, urban resilience .



I have been enjoying the graphic story these last four weeks, because  I  really get into it mostly is  empowering women. Evoke have been working hard. Eureka and citizen x have meet , but anyway they found out of it. he really didn't want to heart her. Alchamy name have been found out scary. Ember have few problem with her family, but it's getting fix and the other he just does not have problems. 


My best quest over the past four weeks was the seventh one. This quest was good, because it was mostly about resisting.  I wrote 'It will recruit people who trust themself in anything to help me. People will always try to resist change, cause thats is human nature. I will ty to convince them.'

My best mission in the past four weeks was Mission 6 URGENT EVOKE: Empowering which was about help women, women rights. I really got into it cause it show around the world how women are different and some people just don't give them respect.

The "learn" part of this mission was to choose a organization and pretend to be a part of it. As you can see in my blog post for this part of the mission, I learnedas a women I should be helping around the world for other women.

The “act” part was great I talk about action. As you can see again, please take a look at my blog post. For this challenge I talk a lot how they should stop abusing women.

For “imagine” we were asked to talk about what will be doing in the future. Now take a look at my story for this task. blog post What I like most about what I put up was how I think the world will change. This made me think about to make that happen us women need to work hard.


In addition to putting work up on evoke, I have also been commenting on other agent's posts. Here are five examples of my comments.