US economy still under strain - Obama - Reuters

Apr 19, 2009

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I m learning more about "economy" right now and in particular what I m wondering about is "Economy" still under strain - Obama"
As I was reading this news item in my GOOGLE reader it caught my attension because
* Obama says economy not out of woods
* Stress tests will show some banks need more help
* Recovery will be a 'long road' - Summers
By the all words by our president "barack Obama" that there is still time to work out to improve our economy It is not a piece of cake that we can change our economy suddenly.
The quote I chose here is basically saying that We're not out of the difficult time. There is still a critical time for the economy. Credit is still contracted and it takes time to solve all these problems,"
I think that it is true that we can't improve this very fastly but if we work hard and properly definitely we can get rid of this type of situation.

US economy still under strain - Obama
By Alister Bull WASHINGTON, April 19 (Reuters) - President Barack Obama said on Sunday that the US economy remained under strain and his top economic adviser tempered hopes for a speedy recovery that have driven the stock market to successive gains. ...