The Use of Your Imagination

May 13, 2013
by: ochjoe
Man Thinking

The topic I've chosen is people should use their imagination. I've noticed that in my generation many students have a lack of ability to use their imagination. In addition, I've struggled myself with coming up with new ideas. When i can’t come up with ideas i research for help for new ideas. I think that students should use their imagination to be more creative, have better ideas, and to be successful in life. Before researching i already knew that most students aren't good on using their imagination because of the use of the new technology. Most students rely on technology rather than learning how to create good ideas.

I have found so many good articles that can help me backup my research. it’s was easy to do research about my topic. The articles that I've found has a lot of ideas that can help me backup my research. I started reading an article called Children learn best when they use their imagination found here: This was the best article that I could have found that answers my questions about my topic. The article was about how the author as a teaching realize that students plays videos games and are lacking in imagination. Technology is taking over many students head.

Some new information I've received from the article was that children in this generation struggle with their imagination. Before T.V was invented children that read books had a stronger imagination, then children that watch T.V. I think that children that read books developed a better imagination because they picture the story they’re reading. some examples that I've found interesting was that children with lack of imagination usually think of the same thing. I believe children should read more books and not ruin their future by having no imagination. children would've been smarter if they stop playing video games.Parents should start to limiting children time on video games.

I agree with the article because imagination is very important. Imagination can help people by giving them good response and thoughts. This can help in many ways by giving that person a better life style. Imagination is a way of thinking that can lead you on a path to success. Students should begin to focus on their study and not on technology. Every year technology gets better and every year students imagination gets worst. Most students rely on technology rather than learning how to create good ideas.


Food for Imagination

Submitted by Jean Younger on Mon, 2013-05-13 23:18.

I agree with what your saying.  Television does not require an imagination because it is already projected the way it was filmed.  If you take a book, you have to imagine what the charicter looks like beyond the simple description of them.  If you like one character more than the other, you will picture them better than the other (like Edward and Jacob).  Growing up I did not watch much TV and I was very encouraged to read because of my Homeschool education.  I love going into my own worlds and bringing to life the characters of my imaginition, especially on road trips. The more one uses his imagintion, the more real the images will become.  I can see a peice of music come to life when I put it into a scene that stresses its beats, its instruments, and its emotion.