Using Twitter and the Blogosphere as Sources

Jan 13, 2013

When searching Twitter and the blogosphere for sources to help me with my research, I cam across a very interesting tweet that led me to a blog about Sasquatch. The particular post I was exploring was about a story that was published on Saturday, January 12, about a petition that is trying to be passed based on Dr. Kechum’s findings. Kechum a Texas Veterinarian that studied mitochondrial DNA found on a half-eaten blueberry bagel. The DNA was from a hybrid species of a mix between humans an unknown primate species. The petition to the Obama Administration reads:

“The Sasquatch is an indigenous species living in American forests, and should be lawfully protected from harm, including being hunted, trapped, or killed. Severe penalties should be legally enforced with fines and jail time for anyone harming, trapping, or hunting this unique rare species.”

I found this post very interesting. Dr. Kechum's findings have had a major impact on the culture of Bigfoot in america. I am very anxious to see how the Obama administration reacts to this petition.


Good Work

Submitted by Eric Larson on Mon, 2013-01-14 00:34.

Dan, this is a beautiful post. If Dr. Kechum's findings are correct, then this would mean that Bigfoot is real, and it should be protected. Because of the small amount of sightings and how rare it is, Bigfoot would have to be declared an endangered species. I find this to be much more persuasive to me than any reported sighting would be. I am also interested to see what Obama's administration decides to do with this information. Keep on rockin in the free world.

Daniel, this was a very

Submitted by msprinkle on Mon, 2013-01-14 01:13.

Daniel, this was a very interesting post. I wonder how credible this Dr. Kechum is where he found this blueberry bagel. It seems like a pretty far fetched story. I do however think in some states the hunting of "bigfoots" is actually already illegal! I think finding the proof of a large primate living in North America should be confirmed though before we go making laws protecting a potentially fictional beast. I am interested to know how far that petition gets though and whether it will be taken seriously!