Utah Law Makes Texting While Driving Illegal

Mar 15, 2009
by: marquel15
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    I've been driving around now for almost two years.  I know well that if you take your eyes of the road for one minute anything can happen.  Example?  In September I slammed into the back of someones car as I was adjusting the air conditioning.  Luckily we were traveling at relatively low speeds and I looked up at the last minute and sweerved left so as to only hit their side tail light.  The danger of cars traveling even at 10mph is the reason why Utah has recently banned texting while driving.  Texting unlike even talking on your cell phone requires you to make no eye contact on the road and a deeper concentration that should be focused on driving.  ” There's plenty of people talking on the phone. And there's plenty of people eating and driving distracted.” But soon if you're caught texting while driving it's a class c misdemeanor. 
    People have been going after cell phones for some time now and for good reason.  "16 people have died on Utah roads in the last four years either while texting or using cell phones."  I personally know a girl who killed someone herself because she was texting and hit a pedestrian as they were crossing the street.  I'm not sure she'll ever forgive herself and I'm not sure if the women's family will ever forgive her.  "It's more dangerous than drunk driving," O'Dell said, referring to University of Utah psychology research that tested drivers on a road simulator while they talked on the phone. "If they listen to any of the experts, they'll know that."
    The question that is now being raised though is whether this recent success will prompt more legislation that restricts cell phone use and other distractions on the road.  "I fully intend to run a cell-phone bill again next session," Riesen said. "It's an absolute safety concern."


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