Violence In New York

Apr 4, 2014

When creating my concept map, I organized my data based on facts about my topic which is gangs of New York. At first I put facts about my topic then I added subtopics which were outcome/effects of gangs, recruitment, and peer pressure. I put these ideas in this order because it`s easier to understand and relates to what I am saying. For example, I put the deadliest gang in my concept map and explained how individuals get into the gang itself. Then on the side I put recruitment to represent how other gangs get their members. A challenged I had while creating this concept map was finding subtopics. Looking up gangs that are in New York are straight to the point which challenged me to attempt to make subtopics.

My research relates to this concept map because it has the same qualities as my research. In my research I read three articles, one explained that a teenager killed three members of a rival gang then got shot himself. This article will go into the causes/effects of gang influence. Another article I read had to deal with a music group that was certain to be a gang. This topic will also go into causes/effects because this gangs music influenced others to create/join their own gang. In the last article I read, it explained that not only can music affect a person but also music videos. There was a case about how a rapper had a music video that caught peoples eyes and changed their mind on gangs for the worse. Lastly this topic is peer pressure because others are pressured into joining with a group.

All in all my concept map is only the beginning of my research. I have yet to found what was the major gang that was created to influence thousands of gangs all over New York in present day. I would also like to find an essay written by a gang member that explains how was his/her life as a gang member and how he/she deals with their actions to this very day. To find these answers and essays I will use the tags major gangs, life of a gang member, and finally gangs actions.