The violent world

Dec 5, 2012
by: Gimelys B
not good

not good I have read an article about violence around all areas of New York and others. The crime rate was very high only NYC crime kept the same number, the rate of violence has dropped the past years. In the 1990's the number of crime went up through those years later on the number plunged by more than 25% percent, then it went down all the way to 14%.
In every other state the number of crime went down but New York and Texas were the only places that stayed
the same, the number of violence was still continuing in the area. My feelings for this crime rate is not my
problem. To me I don't even understand why there is violence, fighting , its not right, why do they have to put
so much effort in the battle. I can understand if it was a war to settle in or to regain your honor but to do it for selfish ad stupid reasons are not cool. This is my opinion there should be reasons to fight not for selfish needs or to show off. The professionals tell a description of violence that make sense, I disagree on that one topic, because there is a conflict that can not be solved so easily. This is my argument to violence i hope you support my theory.



Submitted by juliagarcia on Fri, 2014-03-21 14:26.

Violence rules Oakland, and it's not the kind of violence we are used to seen. This violence is about African Americans fighting against their own race. I have seen many of them owning guns on the streets, shoot and kill others, scream at each other, hit their wives in public, and also some of them treat badly their children in public. But this problem is only between them. My point of view is that they are killing these people probably because they hate each other, or are jealous of the way they are or what they wear. I have seen a African American shooting another African American on the street. Sincerely, I hate Oakland. It's not a place for children to grow on, it's dangerous and if children get accustomed to see violence, they are going to be what they learned. The violence is growing in Oakland and also here are many thieves. A long time ago, an African American stole a lady's phone while we were on the bus. She got mad and he just left.I also saw a week ago an African American hitting his child in the laundry, just because the kid inserted many coins in the machine to dry the clothes. I felt scared and stupid because I could not do anything. I wanted to cry because that man was hitting hardly on the head the child, and the child seem to be very scared. I did not do anything and I sometimes regret not have done anything for the child. But at the same time, I asked myself "what if I have told him to stop hitting his child?" Then I think that probably that man would have yell at me and offend me, and that's why I did not say anything.
I do not know why these people practice violence, violence is not a choice and it can not fix anything. and also it is crazy to fight against people of the same culture just because you hate them.