visual learner

Mar 11, 2009

When reading over the types of learners I feel that I have a 7 out of 8 visual learning preference. This is because when I am able to see things it makes it easier for me to analyze and critic. This is because when I see a visual or something I can understand it more. If it is a demonstration for directions I grasp it much easier and if it is an interpertation is allows me to clearly see the present subjectivity and allows me to easily form my own opinion.


Dear Dom, I find it

Submitted by 12mirautim on Wed, 2009-03-11 21:42.

Dear Dom,
I find it interesting that you use only one sense, which is your eyes to judge or understand something. I find it very interesting because I differ, I dont really like only seeing, I like using everything, every sense, because its hard to judge on one. I like your post =) keep doing a good job! =D