Vlogs, Vlogs

Mar 29, 2010

The internet's contribution to the modern world has been quite large. In the nineties the it made its mark through sales and encyclopedia-type websites on everything one could imagine. It was a tool for sharing data of a certain sub-published standard. There were ranters that were present, but they were sparse, and there seemed to be a bar that had to be met in order for something to be on the internet. Fast forward to today, the era of online social networking, and literally everything of any quality is online.

Of the vast quantity of Facebook status's, I would guess that only about 1% are cared about by anyone. The majority of them are simple displays of the human need to say “look how cool I am.” Looking at Youtube Vlogs is an even deeper dive into narcissism. Why should the public care about the opinion of one person, not necessarily educated or intelligent, who has a video camera or webcam. Narcissism is not healthy, and the internet has become just another outlet for it. I mean look what I'm doing here. Since when were my ideas important?