The Wage Gap

Jan 19, 2016
by: kruss

I am half Korean and as a kid I never would have thought that would hold how much I get paid and how far my education goes. I have read an article about how Asian women are paid more than other women but still less than than a white women. I believe this to be because of the cloud that hangs around me all the time which i have named “model minority”. This means I am expected to go above and beyond normal expectations and anything less than absolute success is absolute failure. You may guess that this can cause crippling anxiety for a young girl of 16 and you would be correct. That is why it is 2:48 in the morning and I am trying to finish this so I don’t fail at everything. But I can’t get shot on the street for this and not be dealt justice. I am very lucky that the stereotype around me is that I am great at math. Jokes on anyone who copies me, I am terrible at math.

This article shocked me because I knew there was a wage gap between the genders, but not the races within the genders. Asian women are paid 78 cents to the dollar alternatively to the white woman which is 79 cents. Black or African American women as well as Hispanic women get paid significantly less for the same amount of work. My question though is, what happens when you’re mixed like me? I am half Korean as well as African American and Portuguese. What does that mean for my pay? Will it be somewhere in between for all 3? I am genuinely confused about that. But without even needing to know that answer we could solve it by paying everyone equal and based on the work they do or don’t do. Everyone deserves to get paid for the hard work they put in. Women of color half to work so much harder in this age to get hired let alone even thinking asking for a raise. We are living in a world where someone actually earns less money for being born the way they are. My race and gender are the 2 things about my identity that me and many others can not change. I wouldn’t want to, but there are many people who are tired of the burden. Sadly, the burden would be lifted if they were simply white. It’s very strange how we have let unchangeable things determine whether or not someone will be in a mansion or struggling to pay the bills. Aren’t I still a person who needs to live?


It is a shame and completely

Submitted by daikens on Mon, 2016-02-22 19:51.

It is a shame and completely horrible to me that today in America, in the year of 2016 that we still have economic/wage disparities based off of race, sex, and age. This is extremely unjust, and we as a people ,must continue to advocate for wage equity and make sure that all employers are paying women as much as men, and whites the same amount as blacks and immigrants. These inequities give me fuel and make me more and more eager to go into elected office and reform inequitable policies.