The Walk of Eden-It's Only the Beginning

Feb 20, 2015

The Walk of Eden is an incredible journey throughout the entire world, literally. Paul Salopek has dedicated the next several years of his life to walking around the world and documenting every step of the way. I had the chance to read through his first couple posts on National Geographic, and I am truly in awe. The concepts and rituals he has got the chance to learn about are mind blowing. Not only does he get to learn about the people, but he gets to experience the land.

The article I found the most interesting was his first post, titled Salt. Because it was his first post, his writing was filled with excitement and wonder. He got to discover the land of the costal flats of Masturah; the land that appeared to be all white. The whiteness, of course, being the salt. Just the way he captures the moment is what made my fall in love with this piece: "The white of lightning. It dazzles the eyes. It stings the lips. It burns our tongues and stiffens our hair. It eats away at our boots. Salt white."

Not only was I enraptured by his article on the lands of Masturah, but I continued to be intrigued with his following writings that discussed a new idea of living, and a new sense of culture. I think giving Salopek's documentaries a read would be a truly enlightening experience, so what are you waiting for?