Want to be a Millionaire?

Jan 4, 2012
by: 16dasb

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I created the Scratch animation Ethical Story 16dasb as my response to a project to create an interactive ethical story. An ethical story is a story where the main character is faced with a decision. The reader must them make choice as if they were that character. After that choice is made, the consequence of that decision will follow.

My story is about a boy named John who comes from a very poor family. One day, he gets a letter, asking him to go on live television, and play a game called “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”. The boy now has a real chance to make some money for his family, but he is worried that he will get a problem wrong. Then comes one of his friends, who is a hacker. He offers John the answers. Then the reader had to decide whether to take the answers or not.

My story was inspired by watching one of the shows of “I Want to be a Millionaire” . I realized that a person could make a lot of money on that show, and so I decided to use that for my ethical story.
I think I was unsuccessful in creating my story because I was not able to make a total length of three minutes.


Ethical Story Response

Submitted by 16kapoorc on Wed, 2012-01-04 18:58.

I enjoyed the theme that miraculous things could happen. But I noticed that even when you press the no option, it doesn't work. I think you should work on that. This story has a lot of potential to be more than three minutes. There was a little bit ethical-ish decision though I couldn't do no, only yes. So just work on that.

I enjoyed how your letter in

16campbelle's picture
Submitted by 16campbelle on Wed, 2012-01-04 21:28.

I enjoyed how your letter in the animation was made like in cartoons with only squiggly lines on the paper.


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Submitted by 16sharpem on Wed, 2012-01-04 21:56.

I liked how in your animation the decision that had to be made was an interesting and somewhat unusual one. I also liked the way you animated it.


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Submitted by 16kime on Wed, 2012-01-04 22:16.

I liked the fact that this animation was realistic. Even though this invitation to be on a millionaire show would be a bit hard (but not impossible) to come by, the temptation of cheating to get what you want is something people can relate to.
I noticed that even though you introduced the game show host, he never actually appeared in the animation, except when you mentioned the host in the bad ending.
The ethical dilemma in your story was okay, but I feel like you could have added a scene or something to make the viewer really regret choosing the hacking decision. The choice is good. It's just that the consequence doesn't seem as strong when you just have a written ending, and nothing else.

I think that this animation

Submitted by 17liangs on Tue, 2012-04-24 13:50.

I think that this animation was pretty good. The whole thing went through pretty well. Except for the part where Prunee comes into the animation. He seems to come in a little earlier than he is supposed to because John still says something before he shows up. Then Prunee says something like hello and John doesn't not reply until after his conversation with his father even though his father is already not in the picture. Other than that the animation was great! The ethical story of this animation was good too. It is a good choice and also it is something that is likely to happen in the world. Also it clearly shows how people feel towards the temptation of greed. So the ethical story was a great choice!


Submitted by 17bostj on Tue, 2012-04-24 14:05.

I think that your animation was very cool.You had a fairly good story and it was really simple/easy to follow.The animation showed the two choices and had a right moral at the end.The ethical dilemma in the animation was only one choice to have a good ending.It showed the different outcomes of each action.

Animation comment

Submitted by 17khaitovam on Wed, 2012-04-25 19:18.

Your animation was pretty good. I think that the ethical dilemma was really good, and the right decision really paid off in the end. The ending choice that made was really good, and the moral in the end was something to learn from. I liked how the animation ran, but a few things were off, but it wasn't that noticeable. The choice wasn't very hard to make.