The War

Feb 26, 2014

One thing that interest me about war are the snipers because when I join the army i want to become one of it. Another thing that interest me about war is how soldiers survive. i believe that it is not easy to survive.during a war people can lose a lot of their friends and family members. is very hard to see how people are hurt by the explosion ,sometimes a lot of their body parts are injured. they can broke their leg, arm ,they can even get kill at war.

Desde pequeño yo leía libros de guerra. La información que el libro tenía me me ayudó a recordarme de datos que ya antes yo habia leido.Despues de leer el libro el libro me motive a busca más información de las guerras.

Cuando los países se van en guerra es injusto porque muchas personas inocentes mueren. Los humanos son los más afectados en la guerra porque ellos mueren por la culpa del gobierno.

Las personas deben saber sobre la guerra por que es importante saber que la guerra no es un juego.Por que muchas personas lo cojen como un juego se crem que es black ops 2 y por eso tan bien muchos chamaquitos mueren de cada rato. Valoren la vida no sean brutos ustedes saben YOLO you only live once so tengan cuidado y no comentan estupideces en la vida porque el tiempo no da para atras.


Not like that

Submitted by 19lukasiewiczA on Wed, 2014-02-26 17:53.

Look dude, I want to join the army too. It's not at all how you describe it. My grandpa was in World War 2 and my grandma almost got gassed in a concentration camp. My grandpa was a political officer in the polish army and led a tank platoon. When you take a sniper hit, your body gets ripped to pieces. Tank machine guns rip holes in your body 6 inches in diameter and people only survive explosions in movies. Please do some research about wars before talking about them because it may offend people because you talk of them lightly. War is not a good thing, it is a tragedy.

Not So Great

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Submitted by 19khanm on Wed, 2014-02-26 19:53.

War's are pretty interesting to learn about and how things work, but I disagree with you. War's are terrible things and the amount of casualties that occur isn't really worth it. Being a sniper could seem pretty cool now but when your in the battle field about to shoot someone you're going to be thinking much differently. There are of course many injuries in a war but a single bullet could end a persons life. Surviving is a very hard thing in war. War in general should never be taken lightly as it is a very big topic.

I know that you're young now, but wait when you're older

Submitted by on Wed, 2014-09-10 01:31.

Dear Joseph,

What really astonishes me is the fact that you categorized "war" with "games". REAL LIFE war is not a game or sport and you'll know that when you're older. Sure, being a sniper might sound interesting, but I don't think just because you play Black Ops II or think it's fun, they'll let you hold a real rifle. Believe me, I was young too.

How you even included the acronym "YOLO" to support your claim is unforgiving as well. "Do not comment stupid things in life because time will not give back", the same thing you wrote should also be taken into consideration, so you don't sound like a hypocrite. Please, it's very important to show empathy to these soldiers and do not treat this like it's the least most important thing you'll talk about or a forced assignment for a grade, this is a very touchy subject.

I will forgive you for grammar since you're just as well a bilingual student. But I still wonder what your teachers thought about this.

With best wishes, and may god have mercy on your soul

Richard Vu from Oakland, CA.