War in Afghanistan - Affecting Education?

Nov 22, 2009

I was wondering how kids in Afghanistan were affected by the war. I have experienced living in the United States of America, and know that our school system has not really changed since the War on Terror started. I was not sure if kids in Afghanistan had any loss of teachers, or if they had to be cautious when dangerous events happened around the schools. I know that in America (or at least in New York public schools) we have been having budget cuts. This is the result of the economy, but also money going into fighting the war could have been spent on our education. I was wondering if schools in Afghanistan were losing any more or less money then we were as a result of the war. Since so much fighting is going on in the Middle East, I also wanted to know how kids like me were able to stay safe and still go through school like everyone else in the world. With some areas around schools being dangerous, I was also curious about the certain safety precautions that the students have to take on the way to and from school. Are any schools designed to have have certain safety aspects in case the school was threatened in a bomb scare, or other attack? With so many kids worrying about the soldiers and fighting, kids' grades must be dropping in Afghanistan. Is there some way to make these students less focused on the war and more focused on school work?