War on Drugs abstract

Apr 13, 2014
by: Peepers29
A minor drug cartel bust


In any story, the listener can almost always take comfort in the fact that the good guy will win the battle or save the day. Although that sounds like an ideal world, we are closer to one where the good guys don't always have the upper hand. Mexican drug cartels have grown over the years through the use of drug production, distribution, the stockpiling of firearms. Powerhouses for the team of justice like the DEA, ATF, FBI, and both the Mexican and United States military have all been corrupted or defeated by these criminal organizations. The more research one does on the situation across the border, the more it becomes obvious that there is no way to stop the cartels from making a violent move onto United States soil. With the greatest hopes of slowing these cartels down being small vigilante groups and striking drug related deals with more powerful cartel leaders, a drug free future looks bleak. Throughout time organized crime has always been an issue, but with better weapons and funding it now may be too powerful to control.